Monday, September 16, 2019

"Don't Give Up On Me"


Our four year old grandson, Reedley, started soccer this year which is about the cutest thing in the world.  He had his first game right before we left on a long trip, in fact we  postpone our time to leave just so we could watch him play.

He is four  but about the size of a two year old, smallest on the team, on all the teams that played that day, but he has a big heart and lots of energy.  His 8 year brother plays and that has made Reedley want to play since he looks up to him. 

The sidelines were crowded with parents and lots of grandparents too, all shouting for their little child playing.  First time out, Reedley gets the ball and with his little short legs and left foot, ( he is a lefty) he focused so hard on kicking the ball in the net he did not realize he was heading for the wrong net.  Excitement is racing through his little body, he kicks and misses.  Then he starts crying because he did not make the goal.  For the rest of the first half of the game, he cried off and on trying hard to stay in the game but just so overcome by disappointment because he did not get a goal.  They had him sit out the second half for a few minutes, he ate a snack & got something to drink.  His older brother and two other friends came over to cheer him up and tell him not to give up.

 Almost every morning he comes into our living room and he and Grandpa watch music video's.  Reedley's favorite one is Andy Grammer singing with a youth choir.  He knows all the words to the song and if you have listened to it you'll  understand why he told me after the game, "He did not give up".

It is amazing what a little encouragement can do for a four year old heart.  Reedley jumped back into the game and even though he did not get a goal he played with all his heart and energy and did not cry anymore.  The coach gave him the "Most Valuable Player" award at the end of the game.  What a lesson to all the adults watching and the other kids that a few tears will come in life but one cannot give up just because we failed a time or two.

                                                        Reedley is number 3

It's really not hard to quit, and it takes no courage, in fact whatever courage you had to begin with despite the fears will be gone too.  So, don't quit, wipe the tears, get back out in the game. Courage will return. 

I love the Bible characters who did not give up and because of that we have a whole bible, from those who wrote it, translated, printed and put it out there for all to read down through the years.  Because of them we can learn who we are, who God is and what sin is and what Jesus did to deliver us from hell. 

"Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.” ―James A. Michener

Sunday, September 1, 2019


How many of you are sick of hearing about, climate change?  Are you worried about it? And what part do you play in stopping it or making it come faster?

As for me, well I leave that kind of thing to God,  the creator of climate.  I know He created this earth as the place to inhabit and I believe we are suppose to take care of it.  But He did tell us not to worship the creation.  I do my part by picking up trash, planting pretty flowers, obey the environmental rules for where we live.  But beyond that, as I said before, I leave the climate changes to God.  Honestly, I have never worried about it once.

Changes close to home is what can put me in a grip of worry and ruin my day.   You would think  moving 32 times now I would have the process mastered.  And some of it I do because I have no problem purging, in fact I hate clutter so to get rid of it is easy for me.  After living in two third world countries where there is not one Walmart or Costco I got use to downsizing and found I function better when I do.

Lets be honest about it, change is hard for everyone.  My husband says men do the move and women feel the move.  Those feelings we deal with when our nest has to be sorted through then packed up and moved, then set up again are real.  Not only does our body feel the physical hardship of the work but our emotions can be a wreak until we get our nest settled again.