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Friday, April 12, 2013

Protecting God

"When we walk in the Spirit we are projecting God image. "    Now here is how I read it, when we walk in the spirit we are protecting God's image.  My mistake caused me to stop and ponder, "protection of God's image."'s exactly what we do when we walk in the Spirit, we protect His image.  This is where that profound thought took me. 

God has given us the desire to protect our children.  Yet almost daily one can read or see on the news a parent who instead of protecting destroys their children.  While I was potty training my first born a spirit of control took over and I was determined she would be potty trained by a certain age.   I loved her beyond anything I could imagine and  it broke my heart to know those feelings were in me toward this precious little girl of ours.  Even then as a lost woman I knew this was about controlling and not love.  When I heard my own sharp voice telling her she would potty I begin to weep...poor child, from an irate mother to a sobbing one. Praise God she does not remember that incident. 

Grace is always there when needed.  I am sad to say I am not always there for God protecting  grace.   Those times I walk in the flesh  hurts God's image to those around me.  If I put on God's armor I am protected against what ever the enemy throws at me.  In turn the armor protect His image.   Ephesians 6:10-20 tell us we are ambassadors of  Him who designed the pieces of armor.  God has provided all we need to battle on this earth

If God had not put I John 1:9 in the Word my failures would destroy me.  His word encourages and strengthen me to pick my self up,  re-arm AGAIN and get back out to the battle.  His unfailing love motivate me to not give up the battle that rages to destroy God's image.  Even my mistakes in reading one simple word is used of God to show me truth. 

Since we are all cut of the same fabric, what has God taught  you lately from a mistake?