Tuesday, May 27, 2014

White Hankie Movie.

God's Not Dead

Noah has been on my list ever since it came out even though I understand it really did not give a biblical view of the flood, or why God destroyed a whole race except Noah and his family.    Really I have not heard much on it either and I am sure a few of my friends have went to see. 

       But, all my friends have been talking about,
    God's Not Dead".
  Finally today I got to see it and it was worth every penny we paid too including the price of popcorn and a diet coke.   I usually have low expectation concerning Christian movies so I was in for a surprise.
Of all the Christian movies I have seen, old and new ones they never felt the way this one did.   I felt like I had went to church for one hour and thirteen minute  listening to  this young college student proved God is not dead and listening to the music at the end.

By the end I was wishing I had my white hankie so I could wave it in the air and shout, Amen, Amen and Amen.  I pray God give me the boldness the young freshmen college student had.  I was challenged to look around me more often and look for opportunities to share, God's Not Dead. 

One way we can know if God is real is His spirit in me will testify to His spirit in someone else or a situation.  God paid me a visit in that dark movie house through the message given in the movie.  This was no act of the devil,  I am sure he is doing all he can to stop this movie from spreading.   A person would have to be dead themselves to not be encouraged by the truth presented in this movie. 

                                           Have you seen it, what was your conclusion?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Early Morning

Early this morning, around two a.m. I found myself unable to sleep.  Thoughts of my mother kept me  awake for I talked to her today.  Like most phone calls she starts out telling me her ailments, about the ones who died recently in the nursing home, who had visited her this Sunday.  Then her mind slipped a little and she started talking about her past roommate who died about three months ago.  She kept saying,  she is better off,  all of us in here would be better off if God took us home, we're not much use for anything.  Those phone calls always leave me sad and well, up late looking for some comfort through songs that sing the hope God provided for those who believe.  I think of a  time years ago, 1985, when my mother and mother in law came to watch our children while I had some needed surgery.  Our church was having a revival with Tim Lee, a Vietnam vet who lost his legs in the war and promised God if He would save his live he would preach the gospel till he died.   My husband took my mother, his mother and the children to church.  I don't even know what he preach on but I knew he would present the gospel and give an old fashioned invitation to those who wanted to know more about getting saved to come forward where someone would meet them and explain what the Bible said about salvation.  

After they return from the revival my mother called me,  right away she told me  she had got saved and was baptized too.  She told me the ladies name who let her through the Roman's road right to the Savior.  And then she repeated, I got baptized too.  If you knew my mother you would know she was scared of having her face put under water for she almost drowned when she was young.  I said, Mom were you scared, no she replied. 

Now she is down to her last years here on earth, she is 87, frail, wheelchair bound, pretty forgetful, but she remembers the night she met the Savior.  I was just with her a week before Mother Day, rolled her out those nursing home doors one sunny day to the Dairy Queen across the street to have a fish sandwich.  A few days later took her for a car ride, drove through the drive through of McDonald's, got us another  fish sandwich and  drove  to the park where we had a picnic in the car with all the  windows rolled down.   Drove her around the country where she use to live, stop a few places and had folks come to the car to say hello.  After about two hours she was wore out so I returned her to the nursing home.  I left sad and as always a little depressed.  After hearing her voice on the phone today I knew it was going to be a long night. Grief always move into my heart when it comes to my mother.  I wish I could roll back the time to when she could walk, drive a car, go fishing at the pond,  fry up the caught fish , and drive me around.   Can't,  so I cling to the old rugged cross knowing  someday God will call her home.  She will leave that wheelchair behind and walk those streets of gold on new strong legs all because she believed what took place on Mt. Calvary. 

                  I wonder what comforts your heart when it's heavy?