Thursday, April 13, 2023


This quote made me smile this morning. It would look good on a tombstone, don't you think?


I do love to dance. I do have to put my hearing aid in so I can hear the music and I do stumble a lot with the dancing and get out of breath easily. I usually speak from the heart praying that what I said helped instead of discouraged. I do fail at that one more than I like to tell. I pray daily for a filling of His Spirit so I can love other with love that show Christ love. I fail at this one often too, too much Betty focus, not enough Christ focus. Hopefully anyone who will visit my grave when I go to heaven will only remember the good things about me.

Wise Hearted 

 Got any thoughts on what you would like your tombstone to say about you.  


Thursday, April 6, 2023

Were You There?


There is no better time of the year than Easter to focus on how having the forgiveness of Almighty, Creator of mankind, and our universe can release us from our own sin. Leaning into His forgiveness for all who will accept it brings freedom and power for us to forgive others and ourself.

Jesus, the son of God being born into this sinful world is a precious truth, but His death on the cross, sinless meeting the sins of the world and feeling the weight of it as He hung on an old rugged cross for me brings the freedom to my heart and how I relate to others.

But, first we must see we are the sinner who brought Him to such a painful death, and resurrection.

I love that old song, Were You There When They crucified my Lord. Yes, I was, my sin was nailed to the cross, I was washed clean from the blood flowing from His body. What a truth to live life with and it will take me into eternity to live forever with God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Were you there as it took you as a sinner to the cross with Him? If you believe this whole story, you were there and like me will go to heaven when you die.

Happy Easter