After looking at this beautiful lake, you realize that you are 
hot; and a swim in this lake would be quite refreshing. You 
take off your shoes and begin to walk into the water. As you 
put your feet in the water, you realize that the water is only 
ankle deep. That’s right, no matter how far out you go into 
the water, it is only ankle deep!!! All this beautiful water, and
 it’s only ankle deep.

This ankle-deep lake is a picture of too many people’s 
relationship with the Lord – a mile wide, but an inch deep; 
plenty of surface, but no depth. Shallow; looks great on the
 outside, but not much content on the inside.

What a vivid  way to explain deep verses shallow.  
God knows I don't  want to wade in the shallow, I want to 
swim in the deep. I can swim pretty good but have had the 
experience of being out too deep and far from shore and fear  
 almost drowned me.  
I learned to have a healthy respect  for the ocean from that 

Since I trust the Lord I know He will not ask me to do 
anything that with His help I cannot do.  I have stepped out 
into the deep and said out loud to other, I am writing  a book. 
Not I want to write a book, but I am doing it.  Now, how 
long that will take , only God knows.  

What is it about?   LIFE IN THE RED.  

At least that is the direction at this time. 

In Paul Tripps book: A Quest For More, Living for
something bigger than you.  He says, "there is no place for
Christ in many people Christianity. Their faith is not actually 
in Christ; it is in Christianity  and their own ability to live it 
God has given me a few abilities , I sing a little, I teach a little 
and I write a little but I cannot trust that little to write this 
  He must keep me afloat as I tread the deep waters of what I 
know He wants me to do.  I am sure I will need pulled to the 
surface often for I already feel over my head. 

 Just me writing the words for everyone to read was a
plunge into the deepness of God.  When my book gets done, 
know it is because God was my anchor. 

What is God asking you to do this year that requires going 

from shallow to deep?