Monday, January 28, 2019


First, thanks to all you who have let me know you could not comment on my post.  In my limited knowledge I tried to fix that issue only to lose all comments.  Give me a new song to learn and I can follow any instruction you give me, I can follow a recipe for cooking, read a map, but this issue is so confusing to me.  Most of the  terminology is like a foreign language to me.  SOOOOOO.

I must get some help to undo whatever I did to lose the comments.  Be patience with me, don't drop me if it takes a while. Check back  once in a while to see if it's fixed.  This too will come to pass. 

Oh, please try to comment on this post so I know who can.  


  1. Been there done that like the picture. Least wanted to.

  2. Thanks Bill, you are still able to reply but many who normally do have not been able for a little while...ugg...any advice?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Martha, don't want to lose you, I value your input greatly.

  4. Hope you are able to get your issues fixed soon!

  5. Hey! Wish I could help with the technical issues.

  6. I can read my blog, but can't log in to add new posts. This happened after I had a virus, and not Google says I am not an author on any blog. I may start a new one but this is frustrating, so I understand Betty about having problems and not being able to fix them. :-)