Thursday, June 1, 2023

Just wait


AA friend told me at 60, just wait till you hit your 70’s. Her comment has proved too true. At 70 I had open heart surgery, two bypasses, 19 days in hospital due to complications, 14 pounds lighter I went home to heal. A few months later, same year I had my knee replace. So far it was the most painful recovery.

Just wait, there is more.

After those two medical issues we moved to northern Minnesota where they winters are brutal, summer are short, almost no spring but beautiful in the fall. Any move is hard but moving in your 70’s takes more energy then I had most of the time. Covid’s hit and it did a number on me which required some surgery and for about three months I had a tube in my kidney for the urine to drain into a bag. Had a couple of stays in the hospital due to infections that kept cropping up in my badder. My right kidney does not work, the left one is working about 30 percent.

Just wait,

In the past year my health has declined due to my heart, kidneys and then I developed a sciatic nerve issue, a very painful one. I did therapy for about four three months, finally I am able to walk without a cane. After an MRI revealed my back was a mess I finally will see the surgeon in a few weeks. He will either give me an injection or surgery.

Just wait,

For several months I have been having a lot of heart angina, and a stress test revealed there is more, blockage on the left side of my heart. This will come first before the spine issue.

Just wait…I know it sounds like a lot and it is, but one thing I am conscious of is I am getting closer to heaven. Daily I am thankful for the era I was born in, great minds have come up with so much treatment for so many of what ails us. If I lived a 100 years ago I am sure I would have died early. I am one of the privileged ones who have gotten to live into my winter years where I am reaping from those great minds that figured out how to do transplant. I love living more than I ever did, I love waking up even if I am in pain and knowing I have another day to serve Him.

Just wait…“

 John 16:33 Jesus says, Take heart! I have overcome the world.”heaven is next and I am looking forward to no more pain, no more tears, no more trouble. My faith has been tested and tried over and over and the Lord has proved Himself and the Word over and over too.

 friend told me at 60, just wait till you hit your 70’s. Her comment has proved to