Sunday, February 19, 2023

A Brand New Touch


Facebook and the news are full of the revival going on at Asbury College in Ky.  If I lived closer, I would jump right into the flow of it.  Nothing better than allowing God to have full reign of your heart.  For the issues of life are in the heart but fear bitterness, anger, pride and all the other self -induced sins crowd out the Holy Spirit so often.  These negative feelings are so loud at times I cannot hear His small still voice.  

One of the things I am every learning in my years of walking God's road is how to hear His voice.  Dwelling on God's love for the whole world is one way, but when I draw a circle and only me and Him are in that circle, there is no room for anything else. It's a circle of love not because of me but because of Him.  I bring my heart and God brings His love and sometimes it overflows the circle.  True revival is never about us, but about Him, without me trying to control Him.  

Some are heading to Asbury to check out what is going on there. Jesus always drew a group around Him yet not everyone in the group was focus on Him.  He took a group of men from all walks of life and beliefs and drew a circle around Him and them individually and said, come walk with me.  He is still doing that today, at Asbury, in churches, in remote places all over the world, in people heart and in those sitting alone at home. It matters not the size of the crowd; it matters greatly that Jesus is the center of it.  

That love God has for us can move a hurting or prideful heart to repent, get things right between other, gives us motivations to keep going on with Him even though we are in a great trial.  It can cause us to say to Him, beg Him to fill us with His Spirit.  

Drawing a small circle and putting myself and God inside and focusing on His love for me, not my love for Him is a good start.  I can only bring my frail human love into the circle; He brings a supernatural pure love braced up with Him being our creator.  Prayer in that circle is so sweet and real.  When I try to bring my fleshly selfish issue into that circle I cannot pray, and nothing happens to my hurt.  When I become overwhelmed with His love for me, He changes my heart, and my issue are nothing.    Do I speak in tongues, I never have, cried tear of repentance by the buckets though.  When that circle holds only Him and I, all else fades away.  When revival happens in that circle, I want to tell others about His love, gratefulness flows from my heart as a result of me drowning in His love for me. 

Do I think what is happening at Asbury is real, yes and no.  There is always a Judas in the mix of seeking self in any crowd. Do I think all will understand it, no. There are always doubters in any crowd because everyone has their own opinion of what a revival is.  Pride will rear its ugly head while others get their hearts right with a Holy God.   One has to be humbled to receive from God a brand-new touch.  He wants revival, the devil does not want it.  God wants us to be revive so the lost will be drawn to us. I pray there is many lost at this revival, and they come to believing in the God of creation.  

The end of this world as we know it is fastly getting closer and closer to the end times and the only way the lost will be won is if we the saved will humble ourselves before the Lord in a circle that only holds two.  Then we will start reaching out to others, the lost for salvation, andthe saved who might need a brand-new touch. 

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Love of my own....

 Everyone dreams about falling in love

Visions of rainbows and sunshine above 

But when my rainbows have faded and sunshine is gone

I was still searching for a love of my own. 

The words are from a song titled, "Love Of My Own."

With the love month starting today some are thinking about what to get for their love, whoever that might be. After being married 59 years when my husband ask me what I want and I usually tell him nothing. I am one of those hard to buy for women. I don't want flowers because they just die slowly. I don't want candy because I am over weight.  I have no needs to be met and through the years I have found those things you can hold in my hands do not make me feel loved. Give me a man who loves God and depends on Him to love me and I am a content women of God. 



Rest of song. 

Then one day a stranger came, and He called out my name.

And ever since His gentle touch, I have not been the same

He replaced all the dreams and chasing rainbows.

With His joy on my heart and a love or my own

And since I met Jesus, I know what love really is

And since I met Jesus there been no feeling like this

With His joy in my heart and a love of my own. 

I am in constant learning how to live this earthly life while walking with a love of my own.  This love that has captured me and won my heart makes it possible to love others better, to show grace when needed.  It's not a frail love that resides in my heart, it never quits, never disappoint me.  That love keeps me in love with my valentine, my husband and loving myself and others. 

This love is for everyone, and it cost us nothing.  It's better than chocolate for it never melts or spoils.  It never dies like flowers.  It can help an earthy love be at peace.  

Romans 8:38–39
"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." (NIV)