Monday, February 25, 2019

Lets Roll, Stand Tall

Change is in the wind at our house, I am moving the bedroom around to utilize the space better.  In the process I am reducing books on a shelf and came across this magazine that still causes tears to flow as I looked at pictures, read stories.  

One comment by Rev. Calvin Butts especially stirred my heart.  He said this to the people of his church.  

"When you go to work, you be the tower. You stand tall."

I personally think we have come a long way in protecting our country since then. Of course there is always more that can be done unless our leaders get their hands tied by people who have another agenda besides  protecting the people of this country. 

Truly I am not trying to make a political statement because I made mine the day I voted and I don't mind telling you my vote was not for Hillary.  In fact I try hard to not get political on any social media even though I have strong opinions on a lot of issues.  

Why?  Well that is the easiest question for me to answer. Life is in Christ and not in any political figure even though they may be a bold Christian like our vice president, they did not die on the cross for me.  Watching the reactions of so many after the elections  when
 Trump won was like watching a bunch of little kids being told you cannot do that.  Actually we just watch it for fun at times to get a good laugh and remind ourselves how foolish we all can be when we don't get our way. 

You see I feel exactly like Rev. Butts about standing tall for Jesus.  I would only change a few words of his comment to fit mine. 

When you go to work, or go anywhere, you be Jesus. you stand tall for Him so people always know He is your life.

When something horrific happens shock usually takes over.  You can see it on all the face as they realized what was happening and when the building begin to fall on 9/11. 

I think that's how the disciples felt as they watched them crucify  Jesus, watched the blood pour from his body, seen His broken body, the nails in his hands and feet, and the  crown of thorn shoved down on His head. 

They were in shock, how could this be?

In fact two followers of Jesus were walking and talking about what they had witness in Jerusalem.  There were downcast and still  in shock when a stranger begin to walk beside them.  Luke 24:13-17.  They ask the stranger if he knew what took place in Jerusalem?  What things, the stranger ask?  The two followers gave the stranger a brief synopsis of what happened.  Of course you know the story, Jesus was the stranger and He had news for them.  Luke 24:28-32.  Understanding lit their minds, excitement filled their being and they rushed back to Jerusalem to tell all, He is risen, He is risen, just like He said He would do. 

Here is the kicker, Jesus did nothing to deserve that kind of treatment.  Just as those passengers on those planes, the people in the places the planes were driven into, they did nothing to deserve to die that way.  Life on this earth brings trouble, trials, events the mind simply cannot deal with.  But we must, at all cost,  do as Rev. Butts said, be that tower, stand tall, let the whole world know I cannot be defeated. 

Paul says it well in II Corinthians 7-12  we are affected in every way ,but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down but not destroyed. 

Often things happen to us that we don't deserve. My mother use to say from her frail wheelchair bound heart, why does God let little children be killed, they don't deserve to die.  She would always add, why does He leave me here,  and take them.  Some questions there are no fair answers.  All I know for sure is, unfair will stop someday.  The enemy of our soul, the same enemy who was behind the Twin Towers coming down, the same enemy who tries his hardest to bring us Christians down will be put down forever.  

All we need to do is stand tall before the cross, or better yet, kneel before the cross and thank Him for what His sacrifice bought for us...freedom and an eternal home in heaven. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Cathedrals - I Thirst

Our ten year old grand daughter has a boy who let her know he likes her so she is super excited.  She likes him too but does not want him to know it, he is 9.  It was revealing as I listened to her go on and on about him.  The excitement over whelmed her. 

Now to us who were listening to her, Grandpa and Grandma was not as excited as her, but we do understand that first little touch on the heart for someone to like us.  

From the womb we do all we can to get someone attention. As little children and even older ones we will even do bad things to get that attention.  I know how I strived as an adult to get my husband to approve of me, to give me that validation that he loves me.  It's built into us from our creation.  
Goodness, we even kick our mother while in the womb as if to say, hey I am here, notice me. 

So this need is from the Lord, bred into us so we will turn to Him for all our needs.  Which is why I love the song above. I thirsted for 35 years in usually all the wrong place for something to quench   my thirst.  Read about several religion but none satisfied me inside or filled up that water hole in my soul.  

Only Jesus, the Thirst Quencher  could do that.