Monday, March 15, 2010

A group of courageous wise hearted women gather at my friend house for the soul purpose to hear me speak about missionary life. I did wonder, how could these women relate to me for living in a undeveloped country carries it's own stress that is hard to explain. But there are some stresses that we women all face no matter where we live, they are universal. Those are the kind we talked about that Jesus told us to anticipate them, for in this world we will have trials and tribulations. Recognizing who we are just as He knew who He was, (God in the flesh) is one way to battle stress. We women gathered that day could call ourselves the daughter of a King, not just any King but the King of the universe, the Creator of the Universe. He gathered around him those who desired to grow in their knowledge of the Father. From that the stress of walking the hills of Israel were made lighter. And the most important part is the knowledge that this stressful life is not going to go on forever..there will come a day when our Lord will take us home, where no stress lives. So that day in my friend house we band of sisters in the Lord, we daughters of the Most High King gained courage and strength from each other as we looked into His Word, prayed and shared our hearts. As they say in Kentucky, "it was just a little slice of heaven". The next day we flew out of LA back to Papua New Guinea and I knew I had gained something valuable that day in my friends living room. I gained wise hearted women who would pray when I sent a request, women who lives were made richer by just coming in contact with each other, women who would view stress from a different perspective. I know my life was made richer by their friendship and I thank God for it.

Courageous Wise Hearted Women