Sunday, October 11, 2020

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


Hardware stores has become my favorite place to hang out since May of this year.  Making decisions for our little place about what cabinets to put in our kitchen, the appliances, the vanity, commode and shower for the bathroom, vinyl flooring, paint for the walls, carpet for the stair to the loft. and more for the loft floor.  And there are more decisions for how big of windows, furnace, water softener, water heater, washer and dryer, plus the roofing color.  Then there is locks, door handles,  sinks, facets for the sink, pipes for the sink, nails, hammers,  bathroom stool, lumber.  and plywood.   

This place has to have furniture since most of ours was in bad shape.  The first part of August we bought a few pieces of on sale furniture.  Today I went to the store we bought it from to tell them to deliver at the end of this week.  Learned it will be middle of December before table and chairs will be in, middle of November before bed will be here.  But by the end of week we will have a couch, chair and tv cabinet.  Oh, and we still need to buy a mattress and  vacuum cleaner! 😀


A few of our things have followed us all over the world.  I have a wooden sign a missionary friend made for me with my life phrase on it...Life Is In Christ.  It reminds me there is more to life then a house, furniture, etc.  

God has always been faithful to provide whatever we need, not always what I have wanted but He did not promise that, just my needs that He knows will teach me to be patience, loving, and faithful to Him.  Sometimes it has taken me a while to see the goodness of God.  Sometimes,  Oh, but when I do my heart is thrilled.  And sometimes He overly abundantly provide my wants too.  

Living during this time of a pandemic has been a test of patience.  I like to control my little world, but it matters not what I like, control  ain't happening on just about anything. Thank God, I have grace to fall back on.  Ephesians 6:10-18

What is God using to continue to teach you patience?