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                                     Posted by Vic and Patti Labutes on Feb 7th, 2013
Twenty years ago Patti's husband, Rick Tenenoff was taken captive on January 31, 1993.

 My first husband, Rick Tenenoff and our co-workers Mark Rich and Dave Mankins were kidnapped and never seen by us again. There was sporadic contact with the guerilla rebels the first year and many efforts to obtain their release over the ensuing 8 years. However, these efforts were unsuccessful and their memorial service was in October, 2001.
Many have asked me, ‘How is the Kuna Church doing these days?’ In answer to that I think of I Corinthians 3:6. We missionaries planted the seed of God’s provision of eternal salvation through the death, burial and resurrection of His son Jesus. After the kidnapping, some Kuna believers took on the task of watering the seeds in the fertile Kuna soil. A Kuna couple from a different village moved to Pucuro and continued teaching the Word. It hasn’t been an easy time, but it has been profitable in that there are many Kuna now trusting in the finished work of Christ.

Today, 20 years later there are many Kuna believers trusting in the finished work of Christ.
The complete Kuna Bible will be revised and printed in the near future. Kuna Literacy classes are on the rise. Things are happening! It is so exciting to hear of the maturing Kuna church not only in Pucuro, but on the coastline and along the Panama/Colombia border. Again, God is faithful!
Please pray for the upcoming Kuna literacy classes.
Please pray for the translation team as they fine tune the final draft of the Kuna Bible.
Please pray for Vic and me as we serve and teach at the Missionary Training Center.
Thank you for your prayers for us and the Kuna church!
Patti (and Vic too)
*For a book about the kidnapping of Rick Tenenoff, Mark Rich and Dave Mankins see: Hostage
**For a testimony from one of the hostage-takers who became a believer, see this post from Mark Rich’s parents: Forgiven
***For more updates about the Kuna people see: Kuna People Group Mission News
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