Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Celebrate // New Tribes Mission - 75th Anniversary

Image result for jim elliot quotesNot sure how I missed putting this on my blog for all who stop by to listen to.  Maybe you are not involved with New Tribes in any way but you teach a children Sunday school class or pick up the elderly so they can come to church. Maybe  your gift is singing in the choir or just maybe you have been challenged to go over seas on a short term mission trip.  Where ever God has you He does not want you to be idle...He has created you to worship Him and tell others about His love for them.  Every person who hears the gospel is given the chance to not go into hell for eternity. Oh I know that is not religiously correct in some circles to talk about "hell". I mean, come on, God is love, He would not send anyone to hell, would He?  But God does not send people to hell, they send themselves by rejecting the grace offered on the Cross.  

Ace and I have never regretted one minutes spent serving the Lord through New Tribes Mission. Has there been hard times, of course.  We counted the cost many times and decided it was too costly then God would bring someone into our lives that needed Him and we would count it all over again.  People ask us, when are you going to retire?  At 70 we still have enough life in us to be useful for Him in a stateside ministry continuing to be part of the team reaching the least reached. We love this video put together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of New Tribes Mission.  There is a book out titled, God Planted Five Seeds that is worth the read.  You see we are part of those seeds planted years ago when our first five missionaries were killed.  And those seeds keep producing over and over again. Who knows, you might be the next one to to take up the challenge of bring an overseas missionary. Enjoy.