Sunday, July 28, 2013

 Pain is a teacher none of want to sit under...yet all of us will suffer physical pain of some kind in this world.  It takes a deep sense of God's love  to suffer on a daily bases, day after day, week after week, year after year and still give Him glory. 

Below is a post from my blogging friend, Martha who always  encourages my heart.  I have only been reading Martha for a couple of years but I am amazed how many opportunities God puts in her way to encourage others who struggle daily.  Pain is her theme, no, that's wrong, pain will not beat her is her theme.   Even when she writes on a different subject the chronic pain will seep through her words.  Yet sometimes her post are filled with such humor, she has grown in her ability to laugh at herself.    Sometimes I just cry and pray for her and try to bring God into my replies.  I know He will heal her someday completely. 

                  Say hello to Martha, a courageous wise hearted woman.

Martha by
I fell out of a tree in 1997~~landing hard on my Behind (butt), having to crawl away from the tree as a new enemy entered my life-Chronic Pain.  The changes came fast--numb toes, aching leg as it felt like a Red Hot Poker had found a place to settle!  I prayed for relief, but the burning Pain grew each day--racing through my body.

My life was filled with the blessing of my husband~~we quickly learned the "test" our marriage vows would take "In Sickness & in Health" as we struggle through each day of Pain together.  I resented the changes in my life, having to watch my husband suddenly become my Caretaker. We have been married for 38 years~~and we are learning there can still be Joy--regardless of Chronic Pain. 

For me to have come this far through a horrid maze of Pain and illness~~its by the Grace of God--plain and simple.  I had moments in those early days of Pain as it felt nobody was with me in the battle~~I learned all that was needed of me was to reach out--a helping HAND was waiting--all I had to do was "Let Go and Let God!"  

For anyone who lives with Chronic Pain-please know you are Not Alone--I am with you in prayer.  My words are shared through my personal blog, Pain Won't Beat Me~~please feel free to drop by anytime.  Betty is a great friend who I met via the Blogging world--we share our ups and downs.  I am a better person for simply knowing her!  

 Hugs and Blessings!  Martha

I know Martha would love to hear from you...she is a good one to talk to if you are struggling with chronic pain.  God has produced a prayer warrior out her struggles. 
                                                          Pain Won't Beat Me!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Minute of Margin...

On my small book shelf sits a little book titled, A Minute of Margin by Richard Swenson M.D.  It's been tucked away for quite some time till yesterday  when my soul was thirsting for a word of encouragement.   Let me just give you a small piece of the introduction to the book for it alone is priceless wisdom. 

Margin is like oxygen---everybody needs some.  If we have too little, we suffer from the shortage.  If we have too much, the excess will not benefit us additionally. But having the right amount permits us to breathe deeply.

Margin is the space, specifically the space between our load and our limit.  It is this space that enhances vitality and resilience. It is the space that guarantees sustainability. It is in this space healing occurs, where our batteries recharged, where our relationships are nourished, and where wisdom is found.

  We do not follow two inches behind the next car on the interstate...that would leave no margin for error.  We do not load boats until they are submerged...that would invite disaster.  Why then do we insist on leaving no buffer, no space, no reserves in our day to day?

         Our enemy is also our beneficiary: progress.  Progress is helpful but not pure. Even as progress results in many advantages, it is also accompanied by disadvantages.  Progress bring blessings, but it also brings pain.  Overload is a human condition. 

Progress will continue to give us more, axiomatically leading to increasing stress, change, complexity, speed, intensity and overload.  Such a list is not as negative as it might first appear, but it certainly implies that discernment must be used and priorities must be clear when choosing a future course of action.

We have limits as Christian just like everyone else.  Once these limits are exceeded, we have no margin for prayer, for caring, for stillness, for community.  That I have limits, of course, in no way means that God has limits. 

The recent death of my husband's sister has caused me to think on how I spend my time in these early fall and winter years of my life.  Cannot go back and recapture the past , cannot run ahead and capture the future.  But I have today to live to my fullest or waste it on things that matter not or have no eternal value.  Even the very words I write only have a tiny chance of even being read by others.   Which is why I probably do not post much and spend much time on face to face relationships. 

 Has someone  encouraged you today by their words, a hug, a face to face contact, a note, a phone call.     Aren't you glad they took that margin of time and thought about you ? 

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