Friday, January 20, 2023 sweet it is.


Thoughts on trusting

Every Christian knows this verse, yet it takes years of trusting until it become second nature or possible our first nature, which means Christ is ruling our heart.  

As believers we all talk a good trust talk but, it's one thing to intellectually know we are supposed to trust God in hard times...but what does that look like?

Don't know who wrote this but it resonated with me.  Trust is the cornerstone of every relationship, communication, and all work happening in the world. You cannot make things work out efficiently for a long time if you don't trust in people and the processes.  (Can I get an amen?)

I have realized lately that my trust has gotten sweeter, and I think it's because since 35 I have practiced trusting God on a daily basis. Many times, I trusted in tears, shaking with fear, slipping and sliding through the trials that breaks my heart.  Only to come back to the one who is worthy to trust.   

Trusting is an action word of the soul.  It's a verb not a noun that requires for us to put it into action before we feel that trust.  And that is why it has grown sweeter the longer I live.  There is such a calmness that comes over one when we are walking in trust.  Our world may be in turmoil, loss may be our burden, answers may evade our heart, but we can still put into action our trust because of who is the foundation of our trust.  

As much as humans can love there might come a time that love is not enough because trust has been broken.  It's hard to stay in a relationship when trust is broken.  We all want those we trust to stand strong even though we often don't.  

I have to put trust and expectations together because that is how trust gets broken.  Almost all my expectation for others and myself shatter in light of what the Bible teaches about we humans and our frailty.  I am glad God put verses in the Bible about taking heed to not judge others for their sins as if ours are not as bad.  Thankful He made room for I John 1:9.

So, how did trust become so sweet in light of being hurt deeply and disappointed through my 76 years.  I can boldly tell you it's because I have and still letting go of expectations for others and myself and putting fully my trust in God   I fully belong to someone who loves me unconditionally and with that knowledge I can forgive when I need to and as many times as I need to.   I can place all hurts and disappointment in His lap.  Every time someone fails me, or I fail myself or another I take that misplaced trust and put it on Jesus.  So my trust in Him has grown through the years and that is where the sweetness comes from.  He is able to take my trust in Him and give me peace in this world.  

The more I trust Him, the more I love Him
Nothing good for me He'll deny
The longer I know Him, the better I can show Him
I couldn't stop now if I tried

It gets sweeter as the days go by
It gets sweeter as the moments fly
His love is richer, deeper, fuller, sweeter
Sweeter, sweeter, sweeter as the days go by

Oh, the moment He saved my His good grace He gave me
He place His love down deep in my heart
There's great joy in knowing with Him I am going
And never more from Him to depart

It gets sweeter as the days go by
It gets sweeter as the moments fly
His love is richer, deeper, fuller, sweeter
Sweeter, sweeter, sweeter as the days go by

Monday, January 9, 2023



I finished 2022 with a sigh.., glad that year is over only to have the, wait a minute thoughts come speeding into my mind. For me, 2022 was a year full of medical issue. I am praying 2023 will pass without any hospital stays. But, I turn 76 this week so I know this aging body will continue to deteriorate. Gravity takes it toll and the aging process leaves one with a body that does not work well and someday will give it up.

I can tell you from experience that living in the states is easy compared to other places we have lived, actually, too darn easy. Years ago the Lord directed us to overseas mission, Bolivia being the first place we went too. Right away I realize there were no packages of chocolate chips to purchase, but I had friends who like me thought, how hard life is going to get without chocolate chips. It wasn't long I discovered a roll of chocolate called Batons is what people use there. Here is the kicker you must chop them up into chip size to make cookies. It was not as easy to bake anything without those lovely chips. But, one will step up and do the not so easy thing to end that desire for sweets.

Package lunch meat, came about killing the animal, putting the meat through a grinder, presses to get lunch meat. Cheese come from a cow that someone had to milk. It took work to pasteurize the milk to kill the bacteria and then you had to cool it down, skim off the cream to make all sort of things we can just run into a store and buy. I am thankful for the dollar stores near us, they have it all, just pick it up, carry to checkout, take home and use

Ok, thats enough of the hardships of living in an undeveloped country. In case you wondering, we did love it because our purpose for being there had nothing to do with it being easy. We knew it would be hard but doing without the frills of easy living did not cause us to forgo what we knew God wanted us to do with our life. Chocolate chips and packaged lunch meat was not the purpose of our soul. What it did for our family was help us get our priorities in order, narrowed our focus down to our purpose.

Don't get me wrong I love easy and one would think it would make living for the Lord easier. Honestly it is harder to live for the Lord in abundant America. When you do not have internet, and electricity it causes everyday things to be harder. Going to church is harder here, I mean I can stay home in my pj and listen to a message about God. But, that is not what God said to do. He says to assemble TOGETHER, each of us growing together.

I would watch the ladies who lived around us and there only a few who had weight problems. In fact they assumed we were rich because we had some fat on us. They loved to feel the underneath of my arms, you know the part that wobbles.

From Thanksgiving to after the start of 2023 I gained 4 pounds from using easy ways of making things, especially sweets or just buying already made food. It was an easy 4 pounds to put on.

So after seeking easy ways to lose weight I think I will take the hard way of doing that. Less portions, less easy already baked things, more of the old fashion walking when I am able. I love ease but I love more that Jesus did not look around for the easy way to purchase our souls from going to hell. He stepped up to the plate and said, I will go, God who created us suffered and died for us so we could experience salvation. 

What is God teaching you from your abundant living? Is He the one you trust to give you direction for the life you have. Most of the time His direction can be a hard road, not an easy one. Oh, but the sights He shows us on that road, the things we learn that help us to be more like Him. Sacrifice is my new chocolate chip and I would give them up for Him because He gave up all for me. I have started my new year with a thankful heart that turns my eyes to Him.