Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Garble Speech and Limp Hand

 It's been a while since I posted anything because we have been busy getting our cabin ready to live in.  This past Sunday night my husband stayed in it while I spend the next couple nights in hospital due to very high blood pressure.  

 As soon as the questions left the doctors lips I started to worry.  Yes, everyone in my family , both sides have had strokes. Yes.  Surely he doesn't think I am old enough to have a stroke?

By this time I was feeling sick to my stomach and realizing that is what happened to me, a mini stroke.  

Everyday while I was in the hospital, three times a day I had to give my name and birthday to the lady I ordered my lunch.  Then it really hit me, I am as old as my Grandmother and Mother when they had these strokes.  OMG.  

To say this has shook me is an understatement.  We have worked hard this summer and fall and right into the winter to get our little place ready before the temperature goes below 0. I will admit its been stressful for all of us.  But we  now sit in a little combined living room/kitchen with a bathroom and bedroom warm and decorated.  It's wonderful, made more wonderful because its across the driveway from our daughter and family.  

Stress, even good stress is hard on  a body and when you got 73 years on it.  For me the results was a mini stroke.   I have no damage done to my brain thanks God.  Every things still works well and I am trying to do everything the doctors told me to do which is to REST.