Friday, May 31, 2013

Family Coming Home...

Logan, Scarlett, Tony, Tara and Ava Jo
They are coming less then 24 hours we will  wrap arms around our daughter and her family.  Four years have passed since they walked on US soil.    Because they have come from  land of few choices, (Papua New Guinea) they will be overwhelmed at the abundance of choices they have to make after arriving here. Their one year home assignment will pass so quick then they will return to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who have not heard. 

If you would like more information on their ministry you can look on New Tribes Mission web site or connect with them:  They are open to come share at your church or small group what God is doing in Papua New Guinea. 

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.”  


Monday, May 20, 2013

At My Lowest


When I was at my lowest, confounded by obstacle, I discovered an astonishing truth.  God is attracted to weakness.  He can’t resist those who humbly and honestly admit how desperately they need Him.  Our weakness, in fact, makes room for His power.

Have you been there? What brought you out of it?  Or maybe I should ask, who brought you out of your lowest point?  Were you humbled?  What did God show you about yourself during that time?

I ask all that because several weeks ago I had a friend come to me about an issue in her life that was causing her to struggle with being obedient.  It was refreshing to witness a heart being humbled by God.   Refreshing to listen to a humble heart seeks answers according to the Word of God.  Which brings me back to the first paragraph which is worth repeating again.    "God is attracted to weakness.  He can't resist those who humbly and honestly admit how desperately they need Him.  Our weakness, in fact makes room for His power. 

The ladies bible study I belong to has started reading Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life.  Bro. Warren says this, "real spiritual growth is never an isolated, individualistic pursuit.  Maturity is produced through relationships and community.  Just today I had the opportunity to be mature and say, I am sorry about something that offended someone.  At first I tried to say nicely I was being misunderstood.  The more I tried to defend myself, the deeper my pit got.  Only way to get out was to say I was sorry, can you forgive me?   And I really am sorry for the offence.  Yeah I am feeling pretty low right now, I just hate it when I mess up.  Which is why I needed reminded, God is attracted to weakness, (that's me) He can't resist those who humbly and honestly admit how desperately they need Him, (that's me too).  My "weakness", in fact make room for His power.  I just want to shout with written words....BRING ON THE POWER GOD.  Use this weak, broken, desperate old woman for Your Glory.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

God Never Leaves Us Without A Song

I was challenged  while on a trip back to our home area in Kentucky.  You see everyone there knows I sing so I am called upon to do so as soon as I walk into some churches.  Knowing this you would have thought I would take special care to remember my sound tracts, but I didn't.  Really I was  hoping I could get out of it which tells you the "song" had left my heart.   Up to about 8 years ago I was learning a new song  once a month in hopes I would get a chance to sing it.  Then I remembered it was a little over eight years ago we went to Papua New Guinea and had some of the toughest years of our Christian life and very few opportunities to sing. Besides the enemy of my soul dropped these words one wants to hear an old woman sing.  Then God dropped these words in my heart and the devil had to flee.

God said,   find a song that speaks to your heart that you know well and can do without any music. 

The Greatest Of All Miracles

I wasn't there by the shores of Galilee, when Jesus touched those blinded eyes and made them see
And though I did not see the empty tomb, that day, I still believe
Yes I know what Jesus did for me.

Now I believe there is power in the blood of the Lamb
And I believe there is healing in the touch of His hand
But the greatest of all miracles is when Jesus touch me
Yes I know what Jesus did for me

Now I have seen the lowest sin sick soul, have life anew, be made pure, pure and whole
And I have felt Him loose the chains of sin and set my spirit free
Yes I know what Jesus did for me. 

My voice is not what it use to be of course but again I realized it's is the heart of a song that counts and the heart of the person singing it.  Both were right each  times I sang.  God never leaves us without a song. 

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Bring On The Rain, Heat and Humidity

Yesterday I realized what the hard rains, heat and humidity had been producing besides buckets full of sweat from my body. Just outside our house, along the fence is the most beautiful flowers. It had been such a rainy, hot, humid week and all I had been noticing was the frustration it was producing in me until this morning when a friend pointed out the flowers. Then it hit me, how we will never be the beautiful flowers for the Lord with out the rain of our tears that come from the trials and the period of heat and humidity that it takes to bring beautiful blooms forth. Honest there are days I just want to escape to some mountain retreat where the air is cool and dry and be able to read a book without sweat dripping on the pages. This is not the place I would have picked to serve the Lord in but it is the place God has picked for me.

We have been studying in Esther how God placed her where she was "for such a time as this". God placed her in a palace for a time when she would have a part in saving her people. Her actions could have cost her life but she was willing to perish if necessary. All God is asking of me is to endure a little heat and humidity to be a part of reaching the lost in Papua New Guinea.

Oh I want to be a woman of courage and say, bring on the heat and humidity, I'll endure for your sake Lord but as I sit typing the sweat drips on my computer and my determination withers. Then I look at the flowers again and they give me courage to cease the day for Him.
One thing you cannot see in my pictures though is all the bees buzzing in and out of those sweet flowers. I pushed past my fear of getting a bee sting to take several pictures knowing any second one could lite on me and cause me pain. I would have missed the fragrance those flowers produce when in full bloom, a heavenly smell along with an important reminded God wanted to teach me had I just gave up the venture. Wish there was some other way to have beautiful flowers without rain, heat, humidity and stinging bees...but that is God's way.

( This is a repost from about 3 years ago while we were serving in Papua New Guinea.  Sweat is not dripping from my fingers onto the key board, thank God.   Moving back to the states to serve with our mission produced it's own set of trials. They follow us where ever we live but so does He, the one who we can lean on, He does not mind sweat, dirt, tears and weaknesses.  Instead of shying away from us in our frailness He is drawn to comfort and show His strength. )

                               How has God shown Himself strong to you?
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