Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Do It Again

Do It Again

Our three year old grandson, Austin  talking to his Grandpa. He said, Grandpa, do you remember when you gave me all that candy?  He went on to say, would you do that again?

  Austin knew he was asking the right person. 

He  expected his Grandpa to listen to his request.

  Third, Austin fully expected his Grandpa would not only listen but would fulfill his request. 

A simple request from a wise three year old spoke volumes to our hearts about our Lord who loves us.   Austin Grandpa is a wise man for he will only give his grandson candy after he has eaten his meals.  He is careful when and how much to give for he knows the consequences of too much too soon is not good for Austin.  Being only three there was a few tears when Grandpa said, no, not now, maybe later.  Of course at three how much explaining can one do about the harm of too much candy.  

It made me think of the times I ask the Heavenly Father to give me something that He knew was not good for me at the time.  We think candy, He thinks steak and potatoes, something a little more solid that gives strength.  I realized that like Austin, I was looking to recapture a moment in time.  But that’s not the way God works. 

There is never a time God does not hear my request of that I am sure, I expect Him to.   What has changed as I matured a little is my request.  I no longer ask for candy, well, that is not totally true, I do ask for chocolate sometimes.   Lately I have found myself asking God to  bless us abundantly AGAIN, so we can do something special for our 50th anniversary coming up in October.  Then because I do want His will for my life, I tack on to my prayer, if it be your will.   I know I am asking the right person, I know He is listening to me and I know He will give me and Grandpa what is best for us.  There is peace in my heart  over this request for I have tons of memories of His goodness to us.  His goodness has enlarged our life so we can have a ministry in other lives.     
            One must become pliability in the Master’s hands for their life to become enlarged.
                                 He doesn’t repeat the past. He creates newness

Isaiah 43:19 (NLT)For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

There is an element of excitement in my heart knowing God has something more for us to do then what we did in the past.  He wants to enlarge our territories so we can have a greater impact on others.  

Are you asking God to work the same way He has before or are you open to Him enlarging your heart so there is more to give out?