Thursday, July 6, 2023

Inside Out

I started out reading a few new blogs this morning, feeling a desire for something to trigger some of the great thoughts God has flowed through my heart this last month.  Needless to say, June went by with three hospital stays from a heart cath with complications, and Covid again.  I am home recovering but I know it's a slow long road to get back some of my strength.  I say some,  because, at 76 I will only get back what a 76 year old body can handle.  First new blog I read God used to help me express what my heart wants to shout. her words, her easy read, her heart for others.  Below is my blog post.  

  1. If I have to be old and fat, at least I can be old, fat, and strong! (Untipsyteachers words) , (and my reply to her words)

  2. I needed to read your post this morning…especially the line above. I am still in a health crisis, recovering from Covid, got heart issues, kidneys, back issues, been laid up at home and hospital most of June, determined to get strong as I stumble into July. Heading to doctor today for a recap and the next orders for doing this. 

  3. I have great family, friends who are more than willing to drop off a meal, pray, drop off another meal and my acceptance of that has grown. I do need those God puts in my stubborn way of not allowing others to help me.  I want to be the one dropping off a meal, sending a gift card, but I simple can’t. 

  4. Great place to be is when I simple can't give out but, must chose to receive. God has my attention:

  5.  Finally the physical toll pushes me into a compliant attitude, and I say, yes, send me a meal, pray, HELP ME.   Even though the physical part of my life seems to be wasting away my inner parts, my spiritual part is growing my leaps and bounds. He has been so sweet to me as I sit up at night, not sleeping due to a hacking cough and mind racing due to drugs to drive the virus out of my body. He makes sure my mind races to His goodness in our lives through memories pictures, songs, events, ways He has used us, people who He brought into our lives. It takes patience to sit still and be sick so one can heal. But it takes God’ s love running in our hearts to see inside what He is doing. Oh how He loves you and me. He is healing me from the inside out. 

  6. Little side note: If this reads a little rattled it's because the steroids are making my mind race than I can type

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Freedom Cost

It easier to put on a uniform, man a gun, train like crazy to protect those we love. But to do it for someone I have never met, or for those who are in prison for killing someone or a person who is foul mouth and disrespectful, there has to be a higher calling on that. One has to believe in the power of freedom or at least something worth dying for.
Happy Fourth of July
Lets take this a little bit deeper. Jesus put on the uniform of flesh, filled it with humanity, never sinned but lived and died for the whole world. Can't get any deeper love then that.
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