Friday, January 23, 2009

A Wanna Be Courageous Wise Hearted Women

Courageous Pioneer Women

Hebrew 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
My fascination with courage continues to increase as I read stories of women who despite the oppositions drew from within themselves the ability to rise above what ever was opposing them. Change especially one that brings hardships takes courage. Which is why I love reading about those pioneer women who wanted something better for their families. As Christian women we should never be satisfied with where we are in our Christian walk. Especially as Christian women we need to be courageous wise hearted women and take hold of the opportunities that God sets before us daily. Even though we do not travel in covered wagons across the deserts or in ships across the ocean we can face our days as pioneer women.

1.Pioneer women weren't satisfied where they were (we should never stop being learners)
2.Pioneer women had a vision. (being a wise hearted women in everything)
3.Pioneer women were willing to travel. (it may only be across the street to talk to a neighbor about the Lord)
4.Pioneer women were aware of the hardships that this life can bring. (in this world ye shall have trials and tribulations)
5.Pioneer faced the hardship that came. (I sit my face toward the high calling of God)
6.Pioneer women accomplished much. (little is much when God is in it)
7.Pioneer women worked diligently.
8.Pioneer women lead the way for others. (all of us are leading someone)
9.Pioneer women prepared the way.

The word "courage" is in the words discourage and encourage. It takes no wisdom to discourage someone but we become a wise hearted women when we encourage others. What a challenge to my heart daily to encouraged instead of discourage, to be a courageous wise hearted woman.