Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Three Crosses

These three crosses show the heart of the people who placed them in the concrete outside the little apartment they graciously allow us to call our home away from home.

  We had sold our home, was attending a new church looking for a place to rent till we could raise support to once again go over seas.  That day we ask the pastor if he could make an announcement the Draper's were needed a place to rent and we trusted God to provide.

Little did we know God had already worked this out for us before we even got to church.  A couple we had never met had decided just that morning on their way to church to offer their pole barn apartment to  missionaries to use.  

After church they approached us with great excitement how fast God had answered their prayers.  I think that very day we drove out in the country down a long gravel lane to see the place.    It came with a garage  to park our car inside and even a cat to catch the mice's.  He leaves  them at our door as a thank you gift for the petting we give him. 
This is the view we see from our front door....most relaxing place we have ever lived.  It was place designed by God for us to heal from hurts and disappointments that had come our way.  A place to refresh our souls.  A place where those three crosses were not there just for looks. 
.  A place where three crosses were put in concrete when it was built, a place dedicated to the glory of God.  Only a few knew we so needed a place like this even this couple did not know.  What they did know was how to listen to a Holy Awesome God who loves people who give of themselves, give their finances, give of their belongings so that the gospel can go out all over the world.   

We went over seas and every time we had to come home to report to our supporters, get medical help, see a dying family member our little place has been there to retreat to.   This couple etched those three  crosses not only in the concrete but  they were etched in their heart.  They bear the resembling of our Jesus who gave His live for us and charge us nothing for the sweet salvation His death brought us.   And that little apartment is put to use while we are over seas by other missionaries needing a place to stay.  This couple has been challenged themselves and take yearly mission trip to Africa.   When they place those three crosses in the concrete they had no idea how God would use them.  In our years of travel we have found few who live those three crosses as fully as they do.  

It's Thanksgiving week and we find  our selves so grateful for all those God has used to be a part of our ministry of reaching the least reached.  Thank you Wayne and Nancy for those three crosses you left in the concrete to remind all who see them to be thankful for what Christ did for us on the cross.