Sunday, July 28, 2013

 Pain is a teacher none of want to sit under...yet all of us will suffer physical pain of some kind in this world.  It takes a deep sense of God's love  to suffer on a daily bases, day after day, week after week, year after year and still give Him glory. 

Below is a post from my blogging friend, Martha who always  encourages my heart.  I have only been reading Martha for a couple of years but I am amazed how many opportunities God puts in her way to encourage others who struggle daily.  Pain is her theme, no, that's wrong, pain will not beat her is her theme.   Even when she writes on a different subject the chronic pain will seep through her words.  Yet sometimes her post are filled with such humor, she has grown in her ability to laugh at herself.    Sometimes I just cry and pray for her and try to bring God into my replies.  I know He will heal her someday completely. 

                  Say hello to Martha, a courageous wise hearted woman.

Martha by
I fell out of a tree in 1997~~landing hard on my Behind (butt), having to crawl away from the tree as a new enemy entered my life-Chronic Pain.  The changes came fast--numb toes, aching leg as it felt like a Red Hot Poker had found a place to settle!  I prayed for relief, but the burning Pain grew each day--racing through my body.

My life was filled with the blessing of my husband~~we quickly learned the "test" our marriage vows would take "In Sickness & in Health" as we struggle through each day of Pain together.  I resented the changes in my life, having to watch my husband suddenly become my Caretaker. We have been married for 38 years~~and we are learning there can still be Joy--regardless of Chronic Pain. 

For me to have come this far through a horrid maze of Pain and illness~~its by the Grace of God--plain and simple.  I had moments in those early days of Pain as it felt nobody was with me in the battle~~I learned all that was needed of me was to reach out--a helping HAND was waiting--all I had to do was "Let Go and Let God!"  

For anyone who lives with Chronic Pain-please know you are Not Alone--I am with you in prayer.  My words are shared through my personal blog, Pain Won't Beat Me~~please feel free to drop by anytime.  Betty is a great friend who I met via the Blogging world--we share our ups and downs.  I am a better person for simply knowing her!  

 Hugs and Blessings!  Martha

I know Martha would love to hear from you...she is a good one to talk to if you are struggling with chronic pain.  God has produced a prayer warrior out her struggles. 
                                                          Pain Won't Beat Me!


  1. Betty--
    I LOVE your posting & the photos!! The last one is amazing~~~~Yes its funny--but so much more---

    I longed for years to be a Nurse-but could not grasp Science and Math, and knew my folks did not have funds to send me to college! Found out that when you are a MOM--Nursing skills come into the picture-FAST!! We adopted our son when he was 5 days old--YES--lots of OJT..

    Fast forward--here on our farm, we had two mini donkeys and I loved them!! When it was feeding time--I would toss my head back and start yelling -- BABIES!
    The neighbors grew tired of the Donkey Response...One day they got out and followed the road to town (we are two blocks from center of town)and walked right into a PARADE! Police showed up and said, Madam--time for these guys to go to JAIL.. We found new owners within minutes who still have them and love them.. Your photo---The Good LORD is laughing--with JOY because you posted a perfect photo!! all my love,martha

  2. Martha, wow, how profound is the glad you like the humor. What a story about the nursing the donkeys...awesome. I pray others will stop by your site for some encouragement but I know you will write no matter who does or does not read your post. It is an outlet that helps you manage the pain. Get some sleep my friend.

  3. Betty-
    I think we both give it to The Lord~~during this last round of Pain-it was hard to write~~anything!! But I stepped past the PAIN-putting words down and it helped me...

    Please know I think of you often--the struggle with Pain is not an easy one--but you teach ME so much Betty. I am better for having you in my life... Love, martha

  4. Jesus knows exactly what was pinched and broken, and I ask him to move those pieces and put them in the right places and remove the pain in His Name I ask this.

  5. I echo Hazel's and Betty's prayer. I have a vision of Martha without pain, happily assisting Matt at the farm and her garden.

    I believe that God is going to heal her and will continue to use her to be a testimony of God's love and redemption.

    BTW, Betty up 'til now, your little post to me hasn't been delivered. I don't know what happened but it is like that here in our country too just like you told me with Bolivia.

  6. Let's raise the banner of God's Love over pain. In Jesus' mighty name, Amen!

  7. Hazel, I know you are a prayer warrior also, please put Martha on your prayer list. Thanks.

  8. Lolita, we are traveling right now but as soon as I get home I will send my little gift again. We actually met with a couple who serve with New Tribes in the Philippines. They are home so their three year old can have kidney surgery. They love there and love the people in the village they work with. At this time their is a functioning small church of about 60 people. We were so encouraged being with them. so good to hear from you.

  9. I can relate to this. Had a sports injury as a young man that caused difficulty and constant pain for 20+ years. Back surgery two years ago corrected most of the pain and God healed the arthritis! - thanks for posting this.

  10. Hutch...thanks for visiting my site. Pain can either give us an understanding heart or a bitter one. Martha has to chose every day to not to be bitter. I know she appreciates your understanding. Praise God your surgery gave you relief.

  11. I appreciate the attitude and perspective! I"m sorry to hear about the turn of events that led to your pain, but I salute you sister in your diligence to point to our Father regardless of your pain... That's the real-deal-soldier for Christ. The love is greater than the pain. Awesome. Thanks.

  12. thanks Floyd for commenting...I know all the replies will encourage her heart. Most of us know someone who has chronic pain. Right after I post this she just "leaned" to get something and extreme pain hit her. Please pray for this dear sister of the Lord.

  13. Chronic pain can be a real pain in the rear. Working as a nurse we are taught that "pain is what the patient says it is". We all have various thresh holds of pain.
    Yet despite that teaching, so many in the medical profession treat those with chronic pain as drug seekers or attention seekers.

    As a Christian, I'm reminded that we are to share in each others pain but sadly we so often fail.

    I'm glad to know you're thriving despite the pain, that you're using it for God's glory.

  14. I liked Martha's guest appearance on your blog, Betty. She sounds like a winner; I'll look her up! Bet she is helping a lot of people.