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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Genesis Three

This week we are in a conference at New Tribes Mission headquarters in Florida.  It's always good to see people we have not seen in a long time but I have a  confession to make

I was not too excited most of the conference was going to be on marriage.   Of course I was sure we would pick up some new resources to give to those young married couples we meet with. 

The first DVD and chapter one of the work book was titled, Love Happens, God Purpose and Plan.  Good stuff, nothing I did not know already but good reminders. 

Second chapter,  Love Fades, Overcoming  Isolation.  This is where my breathe was taken from me as I watch the best illustration of Genesis 3.  I don't know where you are in your marriage, but 49 years later God drove the results of the fall deeper into my heart so I would receive only God and His word would free me from those results.     I hope you can take the few minutes it takes to watch this video. 

 Thanks God we do not have to live all the time in the results of the fall.  The results of the cross is where we should park our marriage and any relationship and stay there till there is a break through.