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Friday, February 14, 2014


You don't truly know someone until you see how they react to their bag of chips getting stuck in a vending machine.

I have been known to voice my frustration while kicking,  shaking the machine and trying to run my hand inside the machine to get my bag of chips  which tells you I really like chips and can become frustrated when a machine holds onto them. 

Frustration has been  building lately and not because my bag of chips is stuck in the machine.  It's because we have to move again, just when I was really getting settled.  After a few angry outburst  I realized I better start exercising some self control before I end up kicking someone or saying things I shouldn't.  A look at some familiar scriptures brings my frustration to a halt. 

I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me (I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self sufficient in Christ's sufficiency.   AMP

We need to learn this scriptural principle that the Holy Spirit works in us to enable us to live lives pleasing to God.  He does not do the work for us; rather, He enables us to the do the work....As I depend on Him, He enables me to live a life pleasing to Him.  Jerry Bridges.

A frustrating life is not pleasing to Him because it reeks of not trusting Him in all things.  Moving for some may not hold frustration but for me it unsettles me and through the cracks of my feeling unsettled my flesh begins to seep through and spill onto anyone who is near.  Moving is such a small thing in light of issues others are dealing with but if I compare it only drives me deeper into the flesh where condemning self lives,  then I don't deal with my own sin and repent.     God does not look at my frustration over anything and condemn me.  I love the fact in all the versions I read on Philippines 4:13 they all use the words, "all thing."  Everything we become frustrated about fits into the "all things", everything, even that bag of stuck chips. 

What is your bag of chips today?