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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Santa Is Not In The Moi Village

Trust me,Santa has  not visited the village of the Moe people tucked deep in the heart of West Papua.  And even if he could he would not bring them the gift that keeps on giving.  This gift was put together in  heaven, came to earth, nailed to an old rugged cross, put in a toomb, rose three days later  and returned to heaven where He send the  Holy Spirit to dwell in the hearts of all those who believe.    If you have listened to the clip and I pray you have for it will put Christmas in a different light.  There will be no trees lite with beautiful light in the Moi village this Christmas.  No stocking will be hung on their open fires, no sugar plums dancing in their dreams.  Yet if you listened you will hear joy in their voices and see light in their eyes over the gift of eternal life.  They will still plant gardens, birth their children, hunt wild pigs, wash their clothes in the river, live in very primative conditions but without fear of where they will go after they die.   
How precious is the gift to us?  Are we moved to tears that there are people all over the world who need to hear of the blessed gift that was born in a stable, preached when He was twelves, trained men to take the gift to others and gave them power to do the task.  He even left us an instruction book to  tell us how to unwrap the gift.   
Little children are taught that Santa will bring them gifts if they are good.  Missionaries teach people all over the world their righteousness is as filthy rags.  But God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall have eternal LIFE.  Maybe this sounds like it should be an Easter post.  But one has to believe it was same Son of God lying in the cradle of hay as well as hanging on the old rugged cross.  
Ok, how to end this post.  My heart is not to make you feel guilty so you will not buy presents and send  money to missionaries.  My intent is lift up the gift of Jesus Christ.  Everytime I watch a clip such as this I just want to fall on my face and thank Him for saving my soul.  It encourages me to be on alert for that one God will bring my way to share the gift with.   
What were your thoughts as you watched the Moi people share their joy of their gift of salvation?