Thursday, November 29, 2012

Santa Is Not In The Moi Village

Trust me,Santa has  not visited the village of the Moe people tucked deep in the heart of West Papua.  And even if he could he would not bring them the gift that keeps on giving.  This gift was put together in  heaven, came to earth, nailed to an old rugged cross, put in a toomb, rose three days later  and returned to heaven where He send the  Holy Spirit to dwell in the hearts of all those who believe.    If you have listened to the clip and I pray you have for it will put Christmas in a different light.  There will be no trees lite with beautiful light in the Moi village this Christmas.  No stocking will be hung on their open fires, no sugar plums dancing in their dreams.  Yet if you listened you will hear joy in their voices and see light in their eyes over the gift of eternal life.  They will still plant gardens, birth their children, hunt wild pigs, wash their clothes in the river, live in very primative conditions but without fear of where they will go after they die.   
How precious is the gift to us?  Are we moved to tears that there are people all over the world who need to hear of the blessed gift that was born in a stable, preached when He was twelves, trained men to take the gift to others and gave them power to do the task.  He even left us an instruction book to  tell us how to unwrap the gift.   
Little children are taught that Santa will bring them gifts if they are good.  Missionaries teach people all over the world their righteousness is as filthy rags.  But God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall have eternal LIFE.  Maybe this sounds like it should be an Easter post.  But one has to believe it was same Son of God lying in the cradle of hay as well as hanging on the old rugged cross.  
Ok, how to end this post.  My heart is not to make you feel guilty so you will not buy presents and send  money to missionaries.  My intent is lift up the gift of Jesus Christ.  Everytime I watch a clip such as this I just want to fall on my face and thank Him for saving my soul.  It encourages me to be on alert for that one God will bring my way to share the gift with.   
What were your thoughts as you watched the Moi people share their joy of their gift of salvation?  


  1. dear is late in the night here about 2 am and here i sit watching this video with tears in my eyes and yet once in a while with joyful laughter as i listen to these dear new born christians!..what a delight!
    i wish that you would let me share this if you could send me the url.
    i am very rarely on face book..i mainly have it to keep a track of my nieces and nephews but a few weeks ago i just thought it had to be done...i posted there "the two roads and two destinies" chart.
    i don't think you have facebook betty so if you send me your email, i will send it to email is

    you know a few years ago i saw a video tape like this..i am not sure what village it was from but it was the same joyfulness that you see in this tape...well towards the end of the tape, those same happy new born christians started to sob with great sorrow...i wondered what had happened and then the interpreter said the reason they were crying was because they suddenly thought of relatives and friends that had died before them and had never here the sweet gopsel and were probably not saved and were not in heaven...their hearts were nearly broken...would you not think, betty that those people would be on fire for jesus and spread the word even more so than what we in the states and canada would where we lots of times just take being saved for granted?
    won't it just be a glorious meeting in heaven when we meet these dear ones that are in your tape?
    thanks for writing to me..yes i just so love the southern gospel quartets..our once sunday school super calls those them singing missionaries!
    take care betty and thank you in advance if you can send me the terry

  2. Terri , I will try to send the film clip. Actually I have to wait till my husband gets up since it might be too big to send.

    You have blessed my heart and given me confirmation of my post. Thank you for visiting. I will be friend you on fb. I am on it daily. I do more emailing and fb then blogging. If I do a post every two weeks it is good for me. But I won't write unless I am led and I have little time. Again thank you for viewing the film clip.

  3. I am so thankful for missionaries, and translaters who bring the Word of God to those who do not have a Bible. Jesus is the giver of Live, and Joy. This is better than Santa! Thank you for sharing at "Tell me a Story."

  4. Dear sweet Hazel...I would want you praying for me anyday. It has been our privilige to serve Him in over seas mission and we regret not one day of it. I remember so well seeing my first Bolivian Santa in the city. Never saw on in Papua New Guinea. But have seen the glorious light of Jesus shine through eyes that weeped from fear before. Thanks for your to read many blogs on there. Blessings

  5. Oh, Betty, this is what Christmas is all about. Thank you so much! I'm moved to tears and gratitude! Hallelujah!

    "Even if I'm hungry, that's no big deal. Food is temporal..." Oh, Jesus...

    Is it possible to get a copy of this clip? I'd love to show it at my small group?

    You gave me a wonderful Christmas present. Thank you!

  6. We sure get it all mixed up, don't we? Western countries have made an artform of striving and grabbing; and I wonder what it is our children are really learning in an era when church/godliness is largely mocked.

    Seeking first His kingdom is still the only route to the joy these are expressing.

  7. Diane, I tried to send you one but cannot find it in my sent box...let me know if you receive, it was to a another blogger who wanted it. Thanks for stopping by. Hope things are back to normal some what after the storm. Blessings my wise friend.

  8. Sassy your blog name. A right on comment. Blessings

  9. dear betty..i have been sending it to family and friends by sending them your blog where they can just click on a has to be sister, betty who knows friends from her church work with the new tribes mission too...i think their name is bill and sheila meerstra...i bless the day that you ever did post this so that i could watch and send it out with your permission...god will bless both you and your terry..........could you send me your email number betty?

  10. guess what betty?...i joined the new tribe mission site and they let you download the video into where you want and so i put it on my face book...maybe diane can do the same thing,eh?..i am so terry

  11. Terry I am so glad you could download it from the New Tribe site. There are several good clips that you can download. My email is

    Blessing my sister.

  12. dear betty...i was able to put the video on my blog and you can even see a few more when that video ends...lots of crying i am telling terry

  13. That is great it is on your more will see it. I remember once a pastor wife telling me after viewing one called E-tow that it was hard to get people lost here in the states. Folks have so much to trust other then the Lord. In the tribe our daughter and family worked in they called someone a skin christian like's only skin deep, does not reach the heart. You have blessed me by your heart for the lost every where.

  14. Dear Betty,
    God has been moving us to a simple life more and more and earthly possessions just don't mean as much to us as they used to. The souls that our hearts labor for in prayer are the ones who motivate us now. We are in our fifties and do not have material things to show. It has mostly been invested in other people.
    Bless you, your ministry, your blog! EvieJo Wilson

  15. EvieJo, you seen my heart in this post. Things are losing their value faster now that we are older. Only what we do for Christ will last. Blessings

  16. This is very touching and heartwarming post. True happiness is when one has Jsus as the center of one' s life.
    Bless your heart Betty!
    Yes, Jesus is the grestest gift of all:)

  17. Thanks for stopping by Joy. I pray your Christmas season is filled with joy like your name. Blessings my sister

  18. This made me cry, Betty .. . just seeing their faith and joy. Wow. Each year God shows Himself to me in a situation or person, in a special way at Christmas. I think this is it this year! :) God bless you!

  19. Thanks Debbie for visiting my blog site. Your tears shows how tender your heart is for the lost everywhere. I too cry every time I watch it. Blessings.

  20. I left a message yesterday, but don't see it? This is a moving post, Betty. Pure truth and a heavenly perspective. I love the word they use to describe God; Creator. That shows such respect and honor due to He who has sacrificed in love for His creation.

    This makes me realize that as a society they seem to have much more than what we have. We have statistics of the shopping year and how it effects the economy and our lives... In God's world He Is the economy!

    What a blessing to see those people excited like children. I want to be excited like a child this Christmas, not over a material present, but the greatest gift ever given in the history of this world. Our Savior Jesus Christ.

  21. Floyd...thanks for stopping by...I can remember right after I got saved you could not shut me up. One lady told me I had lots of zeal but very little knowledge. My knowledge has increased and some times my zeal needs a little work. Can't tell you how many time I have viewed this clip but each time it drives my zeal up to where my knowledge is. Which is why I ask for wisdom all the time on how to make the best use of both.

    They have less things, stuff that could get in the way of their new faith. They will hike for days to tell the good news in another village.

    The one young couple in this tribe chose not to have children till they had believers. That is a sacrifice in my book. We met the one couple...he has tatooes all over him from his past life...very simple people, sweet but most of all, they are sold out to bringing the gospel to others. While in training they would go to a detension place for young men and load up a bus and take them to church. That small film clip is annointed in my book. so very glad you got to see it my brother, I knew you could be moved deeply.