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Friday, December 7, 2012



Ava Jo Sutton

The three missionary houses over looking the river.  Our daughter and family lived in the middle one.  This is the piece of land the village big men said they could build on.  At this time there was no airstrip so to get in you had to fly to another village with  an airstrip then get in a very long canoe and travel about 4 hours to the Yembi village.  A grandpa and grandma will do just about anything to see their grandchildren.  But we were thankful when they built their own air strip and the New Tribe  one engine plane could get us there in about 30 minutes.
Logan, Betty, Scarlett Ace, Tara and Tony.  This was taken in 2007.
In 2009 they gave us another grand daughter, Ava Jo.
 Our daughter teaching  some of the Yembi women the sounds of their language.
Yembi learning to read their heart language.  Their language had never  been written down before and no one had come to teach them to read and write, until the missionaries came.

Ace helping one of the men build a few more benches for the teaching house.  The people knew  a very important teaching was coming so they built a pole thatched roof building with no sides with desk like benches to be used by the students. 
The New Tribes single engine plane and pilot who flew  us in after the air strip was built.  Ace was able to go in and drive the tractor brought in by river barge and help teach one of the Yembi men to drive it.   The whole village worked many weeks clearing huge trees and the stumps and getting them to the river to be floated away. 


Last picture of the last day of this  visit to the Yembi village where our daughter, son in law and two children ministered for  seven years.  A little culture lesson before I end this.  The basket which the ladies weaved for me is for my husband food. I am to hang it somewhere outside of the house and put his food in it to take on his hunting trips.  No one else is allowed to eat from it.  The pig tusk neckace was given to Ace by Andrew from a wild pig he speared.   The lady sitting next to me is named Sophi, she has not gotten saved to this date.  Her husband, Andrew got saved, he ask everyone to pray for her.  The other lady is the sister and she too got saved.  There is a Yembi functioning church with elders, teachers and some very strong Christians.  Have they faced oppostion? More then we face here in the USA.  But they will tell you it is worth is to no longer live in fear of the spirits and to know the creator loves them unconditionally.   

All over the world during this Christmas season misisonaries are giving of themselves so that people such as these tucked back in the jungles can hear what we can hear every day if we so choose.  They have no choice unless someone goes to them.  
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