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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A "Wick"

Jesus said in John 5:35 He (John the Baptist) He was a burning and shining light: and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light.     (Without a wick a lamp or candle cannot give light )

 Last weekend we heard a great message on John the Baptist.  John who was called a "wick" whose purpose was to be used up as a shining light for Jesus.  Plain and simple John life was not all about himself.   Not only did he carry the message, he was a part of Jesus influence in the world, the message owned him.  It drove him to risk all to get the message out to a lost and dying world.  John the Baptist was sacrificial in his role. The notion of self-sacrifice or self-forgetfulness, doesn't often play well in a culture like ours.  He not only lived a peculiar life but spoke words boldly to all around him.   Which is exactly why the queen hated him so she ask the King through her daughter for his head.  A "wick" cannot light itself, a match must be struck and put to the wick for light.  The moment we become believers God light our wicks.   Hide it under a bushel, no, I'm gonna let it shine.

This got me to thinking how much brighter this world would be if saints of God obeyed the Lord and tell the sweet sweet story with boldness such as John.  We can be  bold telling someone which sport team we like, or about the latest movie or which political party we are a part of.    But words about those issue do not bring about a changed life.

Just a few more days Easter will be celebrated. Churches will be full of "wicks,"   John the Baptist time is over, NOW IS OUR TIME to be obedience so the world will see His light in us, by our action and our words telling the gospel to all who will listen.