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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


  Sometimes a picture takes your heart and wrings out feelings buried deep. I think of all the ordinary people I know whose live are filled with hardship yet they rise up daily with courage to face another day.    Each of us can name one or a few who have not let their hardship destroy  them.  Like a cowboy they rope that hardship,  throw it down and brand it to be used by God.  Then they let it go so all can see who they  belong to. 

Just recently I listen to a 27  year old woman tell her story of hardship.  Lyme disease was destroying her body yet she said, I would not trade my hardship for the relationship I have with my Lord.  Without it I would not have known His exquisite love.  Those words flowed from an ordinary young women who became extraordinary when she owned her hardship. 

         What comes to mind as you view the picture?