Tuesday, October 29, 2013


  Sometimes a picture takes your heart and wrings out feelings buried deep. I think of all the ordinary people I know whose live are filled with hardship yet they rise up daily with courage to face another day.    Each of us can name one or a few who have not let their hardship destroy  them.  Like a cowboy they rope that hardship,  throw it down and brand it to be used by God.  Then they let it go so all can see who they  belong to. 

Just recently I listen to a 27  year old woman tell her story of hardship.  Lyme disease was destroying her body yet she said, I would not trade my hardship for the relationship I have with my Lord.  Without it I would not have known His exquisite love.  Those words flowed from an ordinary young women who became extraordinary when she owned her hardship. 

         What comes to mind as you view the picture?


  1. First, I am impressed with the lady whom you were talking to. WOW! Sounds like Joni. Second, i can see a child who lost his father or his way and has no where to turn.

  2. Nicole is the young women name and her mother was sitting at our table. After her daughter spoke we begin to ask the mother some questions. She said, I was so mad when my daughter first started making those statements because I wanted her whole. But the more I see the Lord working in her life my anger left. I think sometimes we forget the "others" who watch someone they love suffer. I met two extraordinary women that day.

    That picture is a heart breaker and a challenge to be on the lookout for those little ones who just need someone to care. I have seen that sadness in my almost five grand daughter because her Daddy does not love her Mommy anymore. Ok need to stop, tears coming on. Thanks brother for the comments.

  3. I've heard that testimony! It is powerful. The picture brings to mind the reality of learning the ways of living in a fallen world at a young age… the heart breaks and isn't healed on this side of heaven...

  4. wow, Betty, what a story...and it makes me think of Joni and others who have allowed God to redeem their suffering and use it to bless others...the photo makes me want to hug the little boy and see if he needs a meal...praying your move is going well.