Saturday, June 23, 2007

Never too old

yesterday I move up in the world of technology a little more. Ace and I both received MP3 players for gifts. Ace"s came with preching on it and mine came with the most blessed music. I found myself readng the instructions trying to figure it out but thank God for a husband who is so much better at following instructions. Soon I was lost in the songs coming from the little tiny piece of equipment with tiny earphone that shut out the world as those song of faith played one right after another. With every other sound shut out i felt like the words of the songs were being sung just to me, my own private concert. I don't think I realize how hungry I was for the sweet music of the gospl. I use to always have my music on but it seems I have been caught up in the worry over my health, worry over family issue, worry over finances, just plain worry. Oh I was hungry for music that lifts one soul to heaven, that brings tears of joy and repentance. I am a bluegrass gospl and southern gospel fan and the family that gave us the MP3 players knew that so they put some of my favorites on and introduced me to some new ones. Tears of joy and repentance ran down my face as i soak it into my soul. Thank you Todd, Jodi and Matt for the gifts, God's blessings on you.
This last couple of weeks have been momumental for me. I finally got my blog up and running, even learned how to post pictures. Also learned about "facebook" and doing some communicating on it. And now this little MP3 player, been an exciting time as I have learned new skills. Now i realized that in no time the MP3 player will be out of date and may be already. But those old truth from those old songs, oh they will never be out of date. In fact as I seek to be a wise hearted woman they will become sweeter and the truths in them will carry more power in my life.
Now my next step is to find out how to put one of the songs on my blog. Guess I'll have to call one of my younger wise hearted friends for help in this task. So i hope if you read this post you will take the time to listen to the song.

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  1. Amen...I think God made us to be lovers of music. Something about it just soothes our souls and God is good enough to know that and bless some of us with talent to make that beautiful music to minister to others of us (like me) who don't have the gift of making music (just the gift of making a joyful NOISE!) :D What a great gift for you guys!! Glad that you are rejuvenating yourself these days...putting all that goofy worry aside...lay it down, sister (like that song, Lay it Down by Jaci Velesquez). I love you and miss you terribly! I'll email about your music question.