Thursday, June 14, 2007

well i started this blog several months ago thinkng i would find the time to do this. i still would like to learn how to blog correctly and then begin to write some of the profound thoughts the Lord gives me. my desire to be a wise hearted woman has taken me on many roads that at times have test my faith to the limit. I love the women mention in Exodus who helped build the tablenacle. these are the women God called "wise hearted", women who were willing to be used by a Holy God.
Maybe there is some of you out there who have studied these women and have some insight about being "wise hearted" that you would like to share.
hopefully next time i can figure out how to put pictures on this crazy blog. actually maybe i can get one of the younger wise hearted women around me to help me set this up correctly and then i can really let the thoughts flow.
enough for now. let me invite you again to share your thoughts on being a wise hearted women. betty

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