Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Return to tropical paradise

After 10 months of a medical furlough we finally were able to return to our place of service in Papua New Guinea. A lot had changed in those few months, people had left, new ones had come. It did not take long and we were back into a routine and I realized that somewhere along the way we had learned to order our day which makes change easier. I think the biggest change for me was during those months in the states I came to the reality of my immortality and once again fought that battle of fear of aging and gotten victory by the grace of God. It's easy to say I want to age gracefully but another thing to actually live that way daily. God is so good and continues to use Ace and I to serve Him over seas. Actually I know it takes more grace to live with limitations that age and health issue bring and there is a peace from accepting those limitation. One thing that comes to mind is I am more choosy over the battles i pick to fight and there are many to fight. The enemy of our soul makes sure of that. Living with limitations gives me a passion to fight the good fight and let those go that will only drain me. Maybe, just maybe this 62 year old women is growing up and becoming a little bit is good to be back to blogging and I look forward to a writing a couple of articles that God brought to my heart while in the states. My goal now is not only to be wise hearted but to be a courageous wise hearted women. Encourages someone today and you will give them courage.

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