Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas

And the angels called Him Jesus
Born of a virgin
Mary called Him Jesus
But I call Him Lord

After viewing Christmas blog after Christmas blog I decided to look for a Christmas scene to post on my blog this year.  Thought I too could add a verse or quote meant to speak volumes to maybe the  two or three who might view my blog. And hopefully one might add a "thank you" comment on how it was  "just what they needed to read that day." Great post Betty!  

 Then I  almost picked a cabin in the snowy woods because my heart longs to be together with our children and grandchildren tucked in some beautiful mountains celebrating Christmas with them. In my mind I can see us gathered around a huge real pine brightly lite tree, presents waiting to be opened, the smell of ham, pies and all sort of yummy food just waiting to be eaten, fireplace filled with dancing flames of fire.  Ohhh....sounds like a Thomas Kincaid painting doesn't it?  Good things dreams are free....I'll save that dream for another year. 

As I scanned the "inspirational" Christmas scenes on the internet and believe me there are thousands upon thousands to chose from I was almost ready to give it up.  I don't think my little blog without tons of followers and advertisment to draw people will create a big loss if I don't post. 

Running in the back of my mind was the chorus to a song I have been trying to recall in case I am called upon to sing at church.  When my search located this simple design with nothing on it but His name I knew this was what I wanted post. 

                                   Jesus, Jesus, Jesus there just something about that name
                                   Master, Savior like the fragrances after the rain
                                   Jesus, Jesus let all heaven and earth proclaim
                                   Kings and kingdoms may all pass away
                                   But there something about that name

                And God has given me the free paid for choice to call this Jesus my Lord. 




  1. The words to that song are a perfect Christmas-worthy post. His Names sum up all He is and all the hope that is in Christmas. And we cannot celebrate Christmas without His Name!