Friday, May 17, 2013

God Never Leaves Us Without A Song

I was challenged  while on a trip back to our home area in Kentucky.  You see everyone there knows I sing so I am called upon to do so as soon as I walk into some churches.  Knowing this you would have thought I would take special care to remember my sound tracts, but I didn't.  Really I was  hoping I could get out of it which tells you the "song" had left my heart.   Up to about 8 years ago I was learning a new song  once a month in hopes I would get a chance to sing it.  Then I remembered it was a little over eight years ago we went to Papua New Guinea and had some of the toughest years of our Christian life and very few opportunities to sing. Besides the enemy of my soul dropped these words one wants to hear an old woman sing.  Then God dropped these words in my heart and the devil had to flee.

God said,   find a song that speaks to your heart that you know well and can do without any music. 

The Greatest Of All Miracles

I wasn't there by the shores of Galilee, when Jesus touched those blinded eyes and made them see
And though I did not see the empty tomb, that day, I still believe
Yes I know what Jesus did for me.

Now I believe there is power in the blood of the Lamb
And I believe there is healing in the touch of His hand
But the greatest of all miracles is when Jesus touch me
Yes I know what Jesus did for me

Now I have seen the lowest sin sick soul, have life anew, be made pure, pure and whole
And I have felt Him loose the chains of sin and set my spirit free
Yes I know what Jesus did for me. 

My voice is not what it use to be of course but again I realized it's is the heart of a song that counts and the heart of the person singing it.  Both were right each  times I sang.  God never leaves us without a song. 

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  1. I'm glad you found your song and your courage to sing it. Great post.

  2. I really enjoyed your post. I can sing worth a lick but I am thankful that God puts a song in our hearts nonetheless. Thank you for sharing.

  3. God never leaves us without a song... I never thought of it, but you're so right. I'm grateful for the song in my heart everyday. Your gift from God isn't for a season it's for eternity... And your voice is that of an angel. Bless you, my humble sister. We sing to our Father.

  4. Thanks Sandra for visiting my site. Enjoyed my visit to yours. Blessings sister.

  5. I certainly look forward to singing in heaven where I am sure I will sound like the angels. What choir we will all make brother.