Thursday, October 10, 2013

Master of the Wind

The Santa Ana winds returned in the early hours of Friday morning, blowing through suburban neighborhoods in gusts that pulled the leaves from street trees and scattered them to mingle promiscuously with the fallen leaves of other streets. Real estate signs on their right-angle scaffolds swayed. Some premature Halloween garlands departed to the southwest. Some sleepers tossed uneasily in the drying air.
These winds blow from the northeast into the Los Angeles Basin from the Mojave Desert through the passes and canyons of the encircling mountains, accelerating their velocity and increasing their pressure with each lost foot of altitude. Some wind gusts in some seasons have reached hurricane force.

Santa Ana winds can also pose a serious risk after the dry summer months. Wild brush is like kindling from hell and all it takes is a spark to start a serious fire. “They are the most aggressive fire fight that we will be in,” said Los Angeles County Fire Captain Drew Smith. He said that when a fire starts, the fierce wind moves it really fast and throws embers through the air to start new fires up to two miles away.

The few sentences above are from my web search question:  where do the Santa Ana winds come from?  

Below are my thoughts on the wind coming from anywhere in any place. 

 Walking in the Santa Anna winds can  be a dangerous walk.  I was glad I had my sunglasses on as leaves, paper, dirt and all other kinds of matter was being slammed against my body.  

With  determination I faced winds that were blowing down trees down, taking roofs off and causing full trash cans to roll out in the street spilling garbage.  I passed people working hard to save small trees they had just planted.  Telephone and electrical trucks lined the street evident power was down in some areas.  

This is my only defense for walking in the Santa Ana winds...I LOVE THE WIND.   Before starting this I read several articles explaining where the winds come from, why they are hot, what to do to keep fires from starting.  Throw a lite cigarette out your car window in California and it can be up to a thousand dollar fine if caught. These folks are serious about these winds and rightly so.  Hundreds of homes are burned each year.  I am very careful not to say too loudly that, " I love the wind."   

As I walked and views the destruction the winds was causing this song was playing in my mind.  In Mark 4:41 Jesus rebuked the wind.  I did hear a couple of people cuss the wind as I walk by  but did not hear one person rebuked it.  By now you probably know where I am going with this post.  If you have time listen to the song, Master of the Wind.  It will calm your heart, give you courage for what ever winds are blowing through your life at this time.  I better clarify something, I love the Master of the Wind more then I love the wind.   Better yet He love me more then He does the wind.   

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