Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Spirits Never Loved Us

Would you do battle today?  I am not asking you to take up a  gun or  knife but I am asking you to take up the  weapon of prayer.  On the other side of the world there is a battle raging and they need some help and I am asking you to join this battle in prayer.  Thank you

In response to a  measles outbreak in August 2014, Hewa village leaders called for a “court” meeting to decide which women were causing the deaths. As a result, it was decided that four Hewa women were responsible. Now men are planning to kill these four women, their children and their grandchildren.
The Hewa have an ancestral practice of killing women and children who they suspect are possessed with evil spirits. During this recent “court” a “head witch” was asked to join the village leaders to decide which women were causing the deaths. The village leaders have heard God’s Word in the past, but have chosen to reject it and continue their ancestral practices.
A meeting has been arranged this weekend for Jonathan Kopf to talk with several key people in the village where the women were condemned. Because the community leaders in this village have already decided to reject God’s Word, the missionaries do not have any natural foundation on which to make their plea for the lives of these women and children.

This is Susana who’s husband was killed shortly after the photo was taken.

This is Susana who's husband was killed shortly after the photo was taken.Jonathan writes, “There is no hope this practice of the ancestors will stop.  That is, unless the Lord does incredible miracles in the hearts of the men …” He continues, “That’s why I am asking you to drop to your knees and join me in prayer all through the weekend. If there was ever a time for prayer and fasting in order to ask the Lord to overthrow the power of [Satan] in Hewa, it is now.”

The names of the four women are Susana, Kontas, Mifila and Helen. Will you please pray for the lives of these four women, their grandchildren and for wisdom Jonathan and his team as they meet with the Hewa village leaders?
Please share this prayer request and encourage your church and friends to be praying as well!
(This blog post is based on a prayer alert from Jonathan Koft )

I just got this update a few minutes ago, about 24 hours later, for all of you who prayed, thank you, thank you.

According to Lutheran missionary Anton Lutz, the message from the missionary and government delegation was well received. In the end, the local commander declared all suspects free and banned the sorcery courts.
ABC news in Australia is reporting that at the meeting not only were the women released, but a ceremony was held where the “head witch” turned over a stone declaring she would not be involved in this kind of activity again.
Praise God for a favorable outcome for Susana, Kontas, Mifila and Helen; their children and their grandchildren!
Please continue to pray for the Hewa people who have not yet and heard or believed God’s Word. Please pray for other villages and people groups in Papua New Guinea who have similar practices.
The youth coordinator for the Western Highlands provincial government of Papua New Guinea, Ruth Kissam, said earlier this month that violence against women accused of witchcraft is a national emergency and it is  creating a refugee crisis in some parts of the country.

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