Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rattling in my brain..

Lately I've had a burden that seems to put me in a downtrodden state because  my focus is the burden.  Needing a lift I turned to music and as I listen to a song by Gordon Mote it hit me.  I am going to miss His glory that surrounds this burden I carry.  Oh, I know all the advice everyone would give me...keep you eyes on the Lord not on the problem.  Just pray and God will take your burden away.  Stay faithful, for He is faithful.  All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.  ETC.  God knows I have given out this same advice to those who are hurting for someone.  

One thing for sure, my burden is not going to go away over night, in fact there is no guarantee it will ever go away.   A friend sent me a great post yesterday containing three words that kept rattling around in my mind.  Powerful words that lifted my spirit as I reverted back to them in the middle of my burden.  "Make it count".

As I listen the to the words in the song, I begin to pray those three words combined with the title of the song.   God, make it count, this burden that I carry, make it count and please don't let me miss your glory in the midst of it.  

How do you carry your burdens?

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