Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Resurrection Talk

Hearing the resurrection story over and over never gets old.  It  has the power to reach through a difficult language groups buried deep in remote jungle locations and convict their hearts of their need of the Savior.  

As you listen to the Easter story in the Moi language watch his eyes shine with the light of the glorious gospel.  Hear the wonder in his voice, the assurance that God loved him enough to send someone to live in their primitive village, learn their culture and language, teach them to read and write their language, translate the bible in their language, teach the bible so they can hear the story of God's love for them.  


There will be no Easter baskets filled with goodies, no frilly dresses and hats or fancy shoes as they celebrate the  Easter story in hundreds of small remote villages.  Believers will stand and give testimonies to when they heard the resurrection story and how it changed their lives.    

Let me tell you of my resurrection story.  As a lost woman of 35 God sent several people my way to boldly ask me what would happen to me when I died.  That question haunted me for I knew somehow deep inside me I would go to hell.  For a few weeks I wrestled with it as we attended a local church they invited us to.  Conviction was heavy on my soul till finally I gave in and admitted I could do nothing to get to heaven and believe I needed Jesus to save me from eternal separation from a Holy God.   His love  drew me to the cross where I found the ground level and Him waiting with open arms to receive me into His family.  Then my voice took on a new tone, a freedom tone, my eyes became bright with the love of God and the desires of my heart changed. No longer did I want to walk in my ways, I desired to be obedient to the one who loved me.   Like the man in the video I have to share the resurrection story, it begs to be told over and over and over.  

now go tell your story. 

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