Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Early Bird Worm or Night Crawler

  • The Night crawler  worm eats soil, a red wiggler eats decaying matter. like manure, vegetable matter, rotten fruit, etc. Red wiggler worms will actually eat your kitchen waste.
  • Night crawlers  go deeper in the soil but must come up to the surface when there is lots of water making them easy to find.  

  • The Night crawler  also remain alive for approximately five minutes while under water. This means their movements can attract fish.
    My husband   

  • Environmental Impact 

    • While some areas consider night crawlers to be an agricultural pest, they provide a valuable service to gardeners, farmers and the earth. Their tunnels introduce air to the ground and allow the soil to breathe. Aerating gets oxygen to roots to aid growth, helps fertilizer and water reach roots and loosens up compacted soil which helps roots grow. Plus, their waste transports important nutrients and minerals from the underground to the surface.
    • Bet you can tell where I am going with this?
    • For years I have berated myself for not being an early riser, by early I mean somewhere between 4 and 5 in the morning.  In fact the only time I rise this early is when we are traveling and we have to catch a flight.  Sometimes I am just getting to sleep at that time.  I mean, isn't those who rise early to meet with the Lord going to get the best He has?  The early bird gets the best worms, doesn't he?
Thank God He is not a respected of time or person or worms.   I am just as highly favored when I crawl upon His lap at midnight as one who get there in the wee hours of the morning.  

Coming early to Him does not always mean time according to the clock.  He wants us to come early, at the beginning of our struggles.   

I do my best praying when I am suffering insomnia which is more chronic with me then just an occasional spurt of it.   Could I be so bold to say, it's my thorn in the flesh?   Except I don't want to waste this thorn and God does not either so He always meets with me at any time,  He is always awake and fresh and passionate about me.  He doesn't care what kind of worm I am, He created both and uses each one to catch fish.  

This night crawler is looking forward to a new body that will not suffer with insomnia.  While here I will offer my body up to be a fisher of men and women.  

Which worm are you,  the early bird worm or a night crawler? 

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