Sunday, October 25, 2015

Press On-Selah

Do you need a word of encouragement today?  Got any trials that are on going?  Wondering if you will ever see another mountain top?  Is the valley the lowest you can remember?  Take heart, God is our  help in our race, He runs besides you and keeps saying above the roar of the world, press on, come on you can do this, I am with you every step of the way, press on.  It's not much farther, you can finish, press on.  

Life has a way of reminding us how frail we are.  Every part of your body may hurts, and your minds cannot take in one more detail yet you must keep going, people depend on you.  

That"s the way it's been for a few weeks around our house.  You see, we have been in a move for a month and about a week ago we moved into a new place with our son and family.  We have moved a lot in the 51 years of marriage but this was the first time we moved two families at once.  And the first time we have done it at 68.  Even when you know the move is from the Lord, your feet still hurt so bad you cannot get to sleep.  

    God did not take the pain out of the move.  

This song kept running through my mind at each step we took to get to this lovely place.  Press on Betty, come on, one step before the other, it will be worth it when all the things are put away and you have time to enjoy each other.  God has walked every step with us, but my feet still hurt. 

Way before they nailed his feet to the cross, His feet hurt. He walked all over Israel preaching and teaching. Then He walked up Calvary, with blood dripping everywhere from the beating and whipping.  His feet must have been swollen beyond recognition.  He could have healed His own feet,  stopped the blood from flowing but He pressed on. A move to another house is a small thing in light of what He did for us on Calvary.  I pray this song encourages you as you press on in what ever situation God has you in.  


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