Sunday, March 20, 2016

I believe

This political mess is becoming a circus, each candidate running for office screaming they have the right way to run our country.  Each one spending tons of money trying to get us to believe they can fix this mess.  It's going to be a great disappointment to those who put their faith in their words.  No earthly man can fix our problems.   This mess does not shake my faith though for it is not in these men  who are running for office.  We are just where we are suppose to be according to the bible and God is working His plan for this world and it won't matter who is president, they will not over ride God's plans.  I am sticking right with the One I believe in.  He is faithful, He never fails me, He does exactly what He says He will do, His mercies are new everyday, His love is never ending.  Thank God He does not have to run for office of my heart every 4-8 years.  He ran for His office for 33 years, took His campaign all the way to the  cross  where His most famous speech was only three words, "IT IS FINISHED".   The world thought He was done until He did exactly what He said He would do  by rising from the grave, claiming victory over death for those who believe all He proclaimed.  

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