Sunday, October 1, 2017

In The Ministry

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Ezra was called to be the preacher of his day which was a full time ministry.  Sometimes   that term, "full time ministry" is confusing  because most put  the job to a box.  What comes to mind, is a preacher, missionary or an evangelist.   As a Christian, we're called to tell the world about Jesus Christ and share the good news of the Gospel.  Those jobs are great options, but God doesn't call everyone to be pastors or to go to a third world country. That doesn't mean God isn't calling you to work in full-time ministry.

Because my husband and I get our income from individuals and churches who believe in what we do in Etnos360, new name for New Tribes Mission, we are considered, "full time in the ministry".    Even the IRS considers us, in the ministry", self employed. 

God has  given all of us gifts and talents to use for His glory, in and outside the church.  Most of the time, God has us use our gifts at random moments that we would never think about. That is part of ministry. And if you keep your heart open to God, He'll use you every single day. My friends, that is what full-time ministry is. 
A lot of people work  in an office building of some sort.  Most  are not even a Christian organization or  faith-affiliated.  Well, there's your chance to be "in the ministry". You could talk all day about how God loves everyone, but when it comes down to it, it's your actions and attitude that speak louder than anything you could ever say to anyone. Walk Jesus before your fellow workers, that's a full time ministry.  
Sure God does great things overseas with missionaries and in the churches back home. Don't be so specific in the plans you make because  God does some really amazing things through situations that you may not think it possible. There are no limits to what God can do. 
I wish you could have been sitting in the last Bible study I went to so you could hear how God is using us "older women" in others lives.  Most do not work full time anymore, some part time, most are retired, yet each is  rubbing shoulders everyday with people who are not saved.  Ace and I work full time with saved people, missionaries from all over the world so we have to "keep our ears and hearts open" when we are out. That waitress where you and your christian friend go for coffee, the one who works on  your car, the cashier in the store, the person sitting on a park bench, the nurse or even doctor you go to. I have had some great conversation with my pain therapist who is a lovely younger women but not a believer.   The lost are everywhere, everywhere.  

Want to be full time "in the ministry"?  Look around you, ask God to show you someone who needs a touch of a Godly person.   Share Jesus today.  

And while I am on the subject of being in full time ministry I want to say a hearty thank you to all who support financially your church and its staff by tithing. Also those of you who give to missionaries  and organization that helps others like the Red Cross and so many others.  This last month so many have pulled from their own finances to help those who lost so much in floods, hurricanes, tornadoes.  As a person who functions by the financial gifts of others, thank you.  In the name of those we minister to, they thank you also. 

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