Monday, January 29, 2018

Never Again

Image result for never again quotesThis thought has been running through my head for a whole year, "never again".  It started Jan 13, 2017 when I turned 70,  never to be 69 again, never ever.  It was sobering milestone, one I had not looked forward to, yet without even asking me, there it was, I was 70 years old.  Now I seriously thought about lying and just continuing to say I was 69 but I am too much  of a realist to even joke about my age. 

There are several,  "never again's " in my life.  Never will I birth another child.   Never again will I sit down for a meal with my Mother this side of heaven. 

  Some "never again's" come without our consent, like aging.  Some  "never again's I have a choice in, such as I will never again ride a roller coaster, even if my Grandchildren beg me.  I have told my husband I am done flying 14 to 20 some hours to live in a foreign land. This one is hard because he would go back to Papua New Guinea in a heartbeat but I am done with that kind of long distant travel.  You are probably thinking, watch it Betty, don't say never  again on this one, God just might want you to serve overseas again.  Okay, okay, I will recant on this one. If my adult children take our grand children back over seas for a year or more I will do that crazy plane ride to see them.  Some "never again's" are conditional.

The "never again's" I love to dwell on are the ones God has left us with.  Never again will my sin be held against me, never again will Jesus have to die for the sins of the world.

Lets get back to this aging business.  This January 2018 turned 71 so I can safely say, "never again" will I be 70.  It actually made me shudder when I wrote that, how did I get to this place of being 71?

 Then I thought about a documentary on Clint Eastwood I watched the other day, he is 78 by the way and still making movies.  When asked  if he was ever going to make a number 6 , "Dirty Harry" movies and he said, Dirty Harry 6 will never happen.  Eastwood said, at 78 you 're pretty well drummed out of the police force by that age.  He is realistic about his age and that made my day. 

                                     What "never again" comes to your mind?

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