Monday, February 19, 2018

The Promise [Live]

What promises are you holding onto?  Wealth, health and a  stress free life?

Image result for picture of broken promiseI am a sucker for quick weight loss promises and almost bought into one this past month.  Everything in my flesh wants to take out the "hard work" of any promise the world has to offer. 

  Recently I became a mentor Mom for the MOP  program, Moms of preschoolers.  Two days a month they meet and share their struggles, usually hear a great devotion and maybe an expert speak on subject that a young Mom would listen to and of course have a breakfast potluck.

Since it was Valentine week we watch a video on marriage then had a discussion at each table.  The ladies at my table surprisingly went deep right away, sharing how hard it was to have a good marriage.  Most of them shared things they had tried to put romance back into their marriage, some had success, some did not.  Each one was disappointed in some way in their marriage.  One young Mom finally said the most important words of the whole discussion, "hard work".  She said, it so hard, harder than anything I have ever did.  I keep failing, he keeps failing and then we have to start over again, it's just hard.

After all the wedding presents are put away, the dress vacuum wrapped, the tux returned, cake all eaten and we settle down for the long haul we start to notice all those promise we made each other start slipping.  No couple stand at the alter and promises each other they  will disappoint or fail to make each others dreams come true. We promise just the opposite, we promise to love till death do us part.  And as soon as we don't feel that romantic love we felt before and during the wedding, we start realizing our expectations are not being met. Kind of like those quick weight loss programs, that promise instant results and produce cravings that can only be met by eating a donuts. 

The Martin have a song that is taken right from the pages of the Bible about what God promises and what He doesn't promise.  His promise will bring us back to the reality of living life as it really is, hard,  takes a lot of work to keep a marriage strong or lose some extra pounds.  Praise God He does not leave us because we are over weight. 

If you think God has promised this world will be a five-star hotel, you will be miserable as you live        through the normal struggles of life. But if you remember that God promise that  we would be pilgrims and this world may feel more like a desert or even a prison, you might find your life surprisingly happy.”

― Kevin DeYoung, Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will

What is your favorite promise from God.

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