Wednesday, June 5, 2019


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Ace, Betty, our grandson, Logan and his other set of grandparents 

Vacation time is here.  We are enjoying some time off from our normal ministry travel to travel to Minnesota for a visit with our daughter and family.  Got to enjoy our senior grandson play his last baseball game...I and my daughter both screamed our lungs out, it was so fun.  A few days later we got to watch him graduate from high school.  He is working one of the hardest job this summer, working for a company that black tops parking lots, drive ways, etc.    His job is a sweeper and his only tool is a huge broom.  We are so proud of him, he will work 12 to 14 hour days, 7 days a week.  Then he heads off to University of Mn.  The picture is of him of course and his two set of grandparents.

I have not been writing much lately for my blog, kind of put it aside for some other writing.  Also wanted to finish a great book by Brant Hansen, titles Unoffendable.

One last  note, I am still having issue with some being able to comment on my post.  I was in the process of switching to Wordpress so that may have caused the issue.  There has been so much going on I have had to put working on the issue for other thing, so I am sorry if you are still having problems.  It will get fixed, I promise, check in once in a while to see.

 Oh to be a senior again, oh wait, I am senior, just not the kind that wears a red gown and black hat.


  1. You have such a busy life but so glad you enjoy your family. What other writing are you doing?

  2. Big congrats to your grandson, Betty! Such a handsome young man with a marvelous work ethic if he is willing to take on that sort of job to make money for college. I know you are so proud of him!
    Blessings to all of you!

  3. Congratulations to Logan! What a nice-looking, industrious young man! I know he makes your heart swell with pride. So thankful to see your post today and grateful all is going well for you all. You look so happy and vibrant in the photo. May God continue to bless your time together and fill it with many happy moments! Much love to you, sweet sister.

  4. thanks is very relaxing to be with our family. We purchased a used rv a couple years ago. It stays parked at our daughters so when we come up we have a get away plus be close to them. I actually could live year round in our rv but too cold up here in winter. As soon as I get here I destress. We do a month and half here but ministry calls and after July 4the we head back to Ca. Already got a debrief to do with one couple coming home and several missionaries home that we will need to visit. Hope all is well with you. Blessings

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