Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Big Picture

I often say, if I was younger I would study to be an astronaut because then I could see the earth from a distance.   It's beautiful hanging on nothing surround by the darkness of space.  The bible talks about how God hangs the earth on nothing and that is an awesome thought that has helped me during hard times. He does not have to spend any of  His time keeping it hanging on nothing either so I know He cares for me more then the creation.

The farther out in space you go the more you see...or do you?

Those space pictures do not show people even though we know for sure God put humans on earth, along with the animals.  Flying in a jet is as close as I will get to space travel.  Once that jet is at its cruising altitude you see God creation, a bigger picture, the tops of mountains become visible, the colors of earth change, the rivers wind their way through the colors of earth, green, brown, blues, whites.  But no people.

Then that jet starts to descent and you can see cars on roads, houses as it goes through clouds at different levels.  Then before you know it, the biggest picture comes into view, people, kids playing in yards, people driving their cars and you before you know it, you are down and hugging the big picture.

The farther out one goes from earth the big picture get smaller because it leaves the most important thing to God out of sight, people.  He did not send His son to die for the ball of earth we live on, or the suns, moons and other planets, it's people in His big picture.

I am so not against going into space, love watching any space documentary, but I am more excited when I hear someone got saved.  When I hear that, my world picture  gets bigger.

God has a plan for all of us and when we come to know Him through His Son it starts to be revealed. For us it was foreign missions, two countries we were privilege to work in, and now we serve stateside with Ethnos 360 as Member Care Reps.  But before we did all that we were involved in a local church, taught a Sunday School class, sing in the choir, my husband taught children church, was a youth pastor.  We were involved in mission, always taking them out to eat when needed, giving them a place to lay  their head at night and financially supporting them.

What I hope these short clips do is show you the need, how God is fulfilling it through people just like you.  Ask Him what part He wants you to play in the big picture of seeing those tucked away in remote place hear the gospel.  Blessings.


  1. How true this is... God's "big picture" is the people... always has been, always will be. It was never about the ball of dirt and rock called Earth. It was never about the Ball of Gas called the sun. Those were created for us, because of us. May I see the world as God sees the world, as lives needing hope and love.

  2. don't you just love that God continue to shape new roles for us in each season we find ourselves in?

    what a wonderful Savior ...

  3. The only reason I ever want to "lift off" from this big beautiful globe is to land at the gates of heaven, and beyond!