Monday, May 28, 2012

Band of Brothers/Freedom

Today due to it being Memorial Day you could watch Band of Brothers,  every episode, one right after another.   There was no fear of any kind as we watched because we have something residents of lots of countries do not have.  FREEDOM.  Freedon to own a TV, freedom to watch whatever we want on that TV.  Freedom to turn it  off if we so choose, freedom to turn the volumn up loud or down low.   Oh I know there are more meaningful freedom we enjoy such as, freedom to work, to even become president, freedom to get an education. Freedom to have as many children as we like, freedom to own, rent our own place, freedom to have a car, freedom to travel state to state and even out of country.  

My favorite freedom I enjoy is that I can attend any church, carry my bible, any verison, pray in my home, read my bible, give bibles away without being jailed.  I can witness to someone on the street of the freedom Christ bought for us on Calvary without free of prison.  Maybe we should call every day "Memorial Day" so we will stay thankful. 

Band of Brother movies brings lots of tears when I watch it, when the real men, not the actor talk about their experiences in World War II.  My tears and graditude is not just for World War II men and women but for the present day ones too.  Now lots of young mothers are leaving their children behind to help portect our freedom...thats a huge step for woman.  I have to believe their vision of a free country makes the sacrifice worth it and gives them great courage. 

As you can read my heart has been touched again by how great a country we live in.  Freedom is what we are about as a nation, freedom, freedom, freedom.  How beautiful the word, how beautiful the action of the word.  Let freedom ring...tomorrow is another day to remember and be thankful. 

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