Monday, June 18, 2012

Sometime I Cry

I believe the word of this song speak more then I could even pen down. 
When was the last time you cry alone at night?
How refreshing it feels to cried before a Holy God the deep sorrows of our heart.
How much peace can flood our soul after a time of deep weeping.
How long did you have to cry before you felt relief.
May  God  words speak to your heart and you come away from listening knowing that all is well, all is well, God will wipe the tears aways someday.  


  1. Bless you brother and your ministry. Thanks for stopping by and listening to the song. I think the same, if people only knew. Seems I cry easier as I have gotten older...less Betty strength there and more of God's. His strength comes with tears that oil my soul.

  2. What a great song and performance, yes, even more so because it's a truth that we in the church don't share too often.

    The last few years after my dad passed there have been several times when my wife and kids are in bed and I hear a song that takes me back. And there I am, living out this song in real life...

    And I'll bet most of us, "Stumble over our own disguise"...

  3. Amen Floyd, most of us do stumble somewhere in our walk with Him. Thanks for stopping for a listen...glad you were blessed.

  4. Thanks for posting the video, Betty.

    I come back to listen as soon as my sound equipment is reconnected.

    I can link this to my post with the lyrics in it.

  5. Beautiful lyrics! It is always a beautiful time to be alone with the Lord. With repentance also and daily surrender. The mark of a true believer. God bless.

  6. And sometimes I the arms of my Father. MANY times...

    So true what Floyd said, "it's a true we in the Church don't share too often."

    If a church doesn't have a lot of tissue boxes handy, I know it's not the place for me

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song and truth.

  7. Diane...I so those boxes of tissue sitting all over the church...and in my house to.

    Blessings my friend.

  8. Oh, Betty! I love this! I love crying from being deeply touched. The last time I sobbed my sinuses swelled so much I couldn't breathe through my nose and my face was the side of Pluto (the ex-planet). And I wasn't even done crying! I got robbed of at least another 20 minutes of therapeutic boo-hoo. Not fair! Love you! That song is beautiful!

  9. Hi Betty,

    How tender that our God collects our tears, and has been known to weep often too. He is a loving God that we can be completely real with!

    Jennifer Dougan

  10. Veronica...only you can describe crying in such a way one can cry and laugh at the same time. And girl I needed that laugh.

    It is my favorite song at the time...maybe cause I feel the need to release some of those tears. Glad you liked it...Blessings

  11. Crying can definitely be cleansing particularly when we realize Whom it is that catches every tear! :)

  12. Betty, I want to visit your blog again and again because of the richness you bring with experiences and wisdom. I love this post, giving permission to cry. Tears are God's gift to us when our body does not have words for pain or joy. Blessings to you, today!