Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Twinkies or Broccoli

 Research done by a social scientist at Harvard found after a nine year study with seven thousand people the most  isolated people were three times more likely do die then those with strong relational connections. 

Another statistic:  people who have bad habits (such as smoking, poor eating habits, obesity , or alcohol use) but strong ties lived significantly longer. Longer then those with great health habits but were isolated.  In other words, ( I love this part) it is better to eat Twinkies with good friends than to eat broccoli alone.

I know, I know statistic can be wrong but I have to admit the one about "Twinkies and broccoli" is just too good  not to believe...well, I want to believe it.  (smiley face)

On a serious note:  Through the years I have collected some of the most precious friends.  Some dating back to my early years growing up playing kick the can in the streets of a small southern Illinois town.  One friend in particular ALWAYS keeps me updated on those we grew up with, some who never left my home town, some like me, traveled afar. 

Friends came and went as Ace and I moved several times due to his work.  Louisville, Kentucky, bluegrass country was where the hounds of heaven caught up with both of us.  I learned the value of, "what a friend we have in Jesus", He never leaves or forsakes us.  (Hebrew 13:5-6)   He was about to test my faith on this scripture as the moves began to stretch farther.

Next  step was down south, Bolivia, South America, serving with New Tribes Mission. He went along for that seven year journey.  Back to the states for a period, new friends sprinkled among old ones,  He came along,  never turning up missing as some of our luggage did, never to be found.   

Again He swept us up, said, " buy another one way ticket",  this time for the land of the unexpected, Papua New Guinea.  We crossed several time zones, losing a whole day somewhere as we traveled HOURS  to reach a place half way around the world.  Whats an international date line to a God who formed the four corners of the universe?

Stepping off the plane in Madang, PNG waited a host of NEW FRIENDS to welcome us to a hot humid land.    Ok God, I prayed as sweat poured, I can do this, YOU are here with me,   YOU,  who said hello to my dead soul 26 years ago, You, who I will never have to say goodbye to,   You are my best traveling friend, easy to pack around in my heart.  

Age and health has played a determining factor in God's direction for our life.  We bought another one way ticket, said our goodbyes to this wealth of friends on that side of the sea after seven years.   God had another location, another ministry for us. A few times through the traveling I have experienced some mild depression during heavy periods of testing.  But I was not prepared for how much this move would tax my  emotions and physically strength as we settled back into stateside living.   I KNOW GOD KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING...  still I prayed,  God please no more moves.  All the hello's and goodbyes have caught up with me...no more please...let me just stay in the hills of Kentucky, rest my weary soul till you shout me home. My name is Betty Heavenly Father, not Sarai.

Ok, I can tell  you are ahead of me on this one aren't you???   You know  I  did not need another test on "change" on being "flexible"... got that one nailed down.  Silly me,  He always wants to drive truth deeper in our hearts and what better stake then a "move".    

So a little younger then Abraham and Sarai we packed our car and thank God it was not a camel.  Drove across too many states to count loaded with our few meager belongings arriving at God's destination for us...California, new location, new ministry, still with New Tribes.  Some old friends hosted us till we found a place. Then began the adventure of making new friends.  I have to admit...I saw  so much through depressed eyes those first months after we moved.  These girls must have seen my Twinkie heart buried underneath for the picture at the top was a pot luck meal to close out our bible study for the summer. It matter not what the desert was that evening...the fellowship was Twinkies all the way.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

                                           Got a twinkle friend or friends, encouraged them today.


  1. So beautiful.

    Thank you for taking us for a coach ride to your new homestead.

    I am glad you finally got the Twinkies.... all the way, and if Pam would say it, that the emerald in you. Looking at things in the eyes of the Creator of beautiful things.

    Welcome me aboard that principle, Betty. Yes, to eating twinkies with the right crowd, friendship and all toppings, and that's the secret of living well.

    Eating broccoli alone is sure down depressing. I'd rather have a portion of a hearty meal in the company of "happy people," the laughter and the spirit of belonging will do the miracle.

    Your heart shines in this so much, Betty...... go and continue to share with the new ladies in the new frontier.

  2. Reckon i am strange. I would much rather eat broccoli than Twinkies (can't stand them actually). But you can and i will bring my broccoli with me. But make it ice cream and NOW you're talking! :) Thanks for the look into your heart Betty.

  3. Lolita, your post are like a hearty meal...appreciate at the encouragment.

  4. Bill, you make me laugh...broccoli instead of a Twinkie... thanks for stopping by with your ice cream though. Blessings brother.

  5. I'm encouraged by your honest heart. You and your husband must be the strong, called by God. He always seems to ask more of the strong.

    Thanks for the reminder of His grace and for the wisdom of your words.

    Think I'll go eat some Twinkies.

  6. Who can resist Twinkies especially with a great company? That must taste awesome! Sweetened by the bond of unity that comes from His merciful hands.

    Wow...Indeed the Lord had made you move to different locations but I love what you discovered when you wrote:" You are my best traveling friend, easy to pack around in my heart.

    "Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?"- Ps.139:7

    I love that you are giving us that challenge to encourage others. Many are truly hurting. Some are hiding their hurt. May the Lord give us His gift of discernment to be able to use what He gave us and continues to give us to share with others needing to know His love and grace. God bless you.

  7. Floyd...maybe you can find Bill with his broccoli and ice cream. (oh I have got to learn how to make a smiley face on these post). Thanks brother...we are cracked vessels just like you...actually our pots are a little older, maybe a few more cracks...looking foward to busting open when He shouts. Blessings on your day.

  8. Rosel...praise God He does not even need an extra suitcase...always amazed He delights to travel in such a frail weak vessel.

    It's a hurting world everywhere...sin has reek it's destruction in people lives and their only hope is that someone give them the opportunity to accept His forgiveness. That truth has kept me packing my bags again and again.

    Blessings...now I am going to travel over to your site.

  9. Ok. You had me laughing and crying all in one post. I love your transparent heart, Betty. Thank you for letting us know how difficult a transition this has been for you. None of us can realate to coming back to America after all those years. I can only relate through my daughter's eyes. Thank you dear, Betty, for laying down your life for The Gospel. I am truly - TRULY - honored to know you.

    I love you and send you a great big hug. And I pray that one day we will meet. For you have blessed my life so...

    We all need comfort now and then. Have a Twinkie on me...today...tomorrow you can have the broccoli!

  10. Thanks Diane for the twinkie. Those statistic were just too good not to post on...I love the comments from them. So glad Jesus will eat either with me and call it fellowship.

    Praying for Joe to day....

  11. Dearest Betty,

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today because it led me to your blog to read this beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You are so precious - in the Lord's eyes and in ours. You are a blessing to countless people. I pray that He continues to meet you, bless you, and use you. May our Lord flood you continually with fresh grace, joy, and peace as you pour it out to so many. You are a mighty instrument in His hands.

    Lots of love,

  12. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by. Your helpful point on writing was exactly what I needed to read the other day. God bless you for thinking of others. blessings.

  13. Thank you so much Betty for reccommending I read this blog. You are and will always be an inspiration to me! I love you and thank God everyday for all that you and Ace have taught me! Thank God he sent you to Kentucky all those years ago. My life would not be the same without your influence!

  14. Tammy you have blessed my heart today by visiting my blog...all you from our youth group are still so very precious to us. We follow your lives and pray for you as you lives as adults with grown up children yourself.

    It was our life that was blessed so much from all of you. You have over come so much from your past...turned into a beautiful woman still desiring to better your life.

    You made my day. Blessings

  15. I have heard it said, if through your lifetime you can discover 10 true friends, you are rich indeed.

    Thank you for commenting on my comment on Floyds post. It is so true that when we leave decisions made -- into the hands of God, that is when we can rest in Him.

  16. You just made me cry! I love you!

  17. Betty-
    Where are the Twinkies?

    oh my gosh, I love them!!! Forgot all about how Great they taste, especially when chomping away on one with a FRIEND!!!

    WHat a journey you and Ace have had!
    God being with you every step of the way!!!

    I am sorry for missing your blog-as usual, i got Computer Lost but Now I have found you again!

    Keep the writing going. Thank you especially for the Song and for YOU.

    Love, Martha

  18. Martha, my twinkie friend, you always cheer me up...I thought about you when I posted the song for I know there are many tears when you are alone.

    In the back of my mind I really know this is not the last move...but at least He is giving me time to adjust to this one. One thing I know for sure, God is good, sometimes the move was not good, but He is always good.

  19. This was so rich for me, thank you. Just this week I prayed against the spirit of isolation for someone I love. We are not alone we are the body of Christ and together we can experience glory and joy - and lots of Twinkies. How blessed we are!!

  20. This was so rich for me, thank you. Just this week I prayed against the spirit of isolation for someone I love. We are not alone, we are a part of the body of Christ and that means joy - and Twinkies! How blessed we are.